“Be still and know that I am God…”

Psalms 46:10

The Religious Society of Friends holds a central belief that all people are endowed with a measure of the Divine Spirit. Our Meeting for Worship is a gathering in reverent silence, filled with the desire to draw nearer to God and one another. We do not have one person who is designated as our minister, and all attending share equally in the service as ministers to one another. Those who feel led may speak out of the silence. Those who keep silence and those who are guided to speak yield their minds and hearts to the guidance of the Spirit.

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Worship Meetings

We hold meetings for worship every Sunday morning. During the school year we have two worship meetings each Sunday. The early meeting is unprogrammed, meaning that no one is asked in advance to speak, and there are no prearranged plans for music. People worship in silence and speak out of the silence as they are led. A closer will signal the close of worship with a handshake.

The later meeting is semi-programmed. Usually, someone has been invited in advance to prepare a short message to share, and worship is opened and closed with hymns. The remaining time is spent in silent worship, during which people may speak out of the silence as they are led. The meeting ends with the shaking of hands and an opportunity for introductions.

During the summer we have a single meeting for worship each Sunday, alternating week to week between unprogrammed and semi-programmed formats. See our schedule for details. More about Quaker Worship

Children in the Meeting

Care for children ages six and under is provided all morning. During the school year, First Day School (Sunday School) is offered to children ages five and up during semi-programmed worship. Children attend the worship meeting until the end of the first hymn, then leave for classes. More about Children & Youth

Adult Program

On Sunday mornings during the school year there is a 45-minute Adult Program scheduled in between the two meetings for worship. This time is used for a variety of purposes, including Quaker education for adults, presentations on peace and social justice issues, and small group discussions on spiritual topics. Subjects of Adult Programs are announced in the weekly bulletin.


Visitors are always welcome. See our schedule and location to prepare for your visit. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have questions.

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