Some resources for personal support from the Meeting are:

  • Clearness committees – Often used when seeking direction, making a decision, or thinking through a situation. (Clearness committees are also used with requests for membership or marriage under the care of the Meeting.)
  • Opportunities – Two or three Friends come to worship with you, usually in your home, with or without ensuing discussion.
  • Care committees – A small group meets with you for spiritual, and maybe practical, support during a situation of special need.
  • The Director of Ministry – Pat Jones will meet with you for pastoral care or to help you decide what further care and resources you may want from the Meeting or elsewhere.

These resources are available for anyone in the Meeting dealing with difficult situations, including grief, parenting, marriage/couple issues, economic stress, etc, or for counsel related to leadings, spiritual growth, gifts and ministry, or relationship to the Meeting. Contact the Ministry and Counsel Committee or Pat Jones to arrange.