In addition to our weekly meetings for worship, we gather once a month for business, receiving reports, discussing programs and making decisions. All decisions pertaining to our corporate life are made at the monthly meeting for business. There is no hierarchy of power within the structure of our Meeting. The meeting for business is convened in a spirit of worship where all present seek to know what God’s leading is in regard to the decisions or matters before us. Because of this desire to follow God’s leading (or, as Friends often say, to follow the Light), a vote is never taken; rather, a decision is only enacted when a sense of the meeting emerges.

All are welcome, members and nonmembers alike, to attend the monthly meeting for business. The only prerequisites for attendance are a concern for the life of the Meeting and a willingness to seek patiently for God’s leading.

Our meetings for business are usually held on the second Sunday of each month, following the unprogrammed meeting for worship.

Meeting minutes are available here.

Committees and Leadership

Washing Windows

Much of the work of the Meeting is accomplished through committees made up of members and attenders of the Meeting. For example, committees arrange speakers and music for worship services, plan religious education and activities for youth, look after the Meeting’s finances, attend to maintenance of the building, and plan social events. Each committee has a clerk who typically convenes committee meetings and serves as a contact. Committees meet as needed to accomplish their particular goals and responsibilities. They bring issues which require Meeting discussion and approval to the monthly meeting for business.

More information about committees and leadership