When Friends wish to be married under the care of the Meeting, they notify the Presiding Clerk of the Meeting who presents their letter of request at a monthly meeting for business. The application then goes to the Marriage Preparation Committee which meets with the couple to discuss the clearness process and answer questions about Quaker marriage and weddings. A clearness committee is then formed; it gathers with the couple for worship and consideration of readiness for marriage and of the appropriateness of marriage in the context of the Quaker Meeting. If clearness to proceed with the marriage under the care of Meeting is reached, the clearness committee brings that recommendation back to a monthly meeting for business. If the Meeting approves the recommendation, a wedding date may be set and an arrangements committee is appointed to help the couple plan the meeting for worship for marriage.

The Minneapolis Friends Meeting offers this care to both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. Normally at least one member of the couple would be a member of this Meeting.

Copies of the questions asked in clearness committees, and other Meeting marriage information materials, are available from the Marriage Preparation Committee.