August 3, 2014

10:00 AM meeting for worship (semi-programmed): Dave Bostrom speaker; Nancy Lichtenstein, musician; care of meeting, Clifford Goltz and Connie Archbald

“Everybody has got to die, but I have always believed an exception would be made in my case. Now what?”
– William Saroyan


Friends are reminded to use the microphone. Hold it close to your mouth and speak in a normal voice, directly into the center of the mic. Hold the mic like a trumpet, not an ice cream cone. The microphone is synced with the hearing assistance equipment. If the microphone is not used, those relying on electronic assistance for hearing are at an even greater disadvantage for hearing what is said. Thank thee kindly, Friend!

Please come to the potluck at the rise of worship today! You are welcome, even if you did not bring a dish to share. Please look for ways to help the effort – replenish plates, silverware and / or napkins as needed; help clear, wash, dry and put away dishes, wash tables and put away tables and chairs. Help everyone be at liberty to enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon!

Two more people are needed to host/bring snacks for coffee and conversation on August 17th and one more for the 31st. Sign-up sheet near the bulletin table. Sign up TODAY to make this time of informal conversation and connection possible!

Friendly Philosophers meet today in the conference room at noon. Everyone is welcome for this time of informal discussion.


The Palestians and Israelis and the American Friends Service Committee staff working in Gaza.


Monthly meeting for business is next Sunday immediately following the 10:00 worship. “A Friends [business] meeting is not a town meeting in which everyone has the right to speak, for no one has the right to speak in meeting. Friends have, instead, the privilege and the duty to lay before the meeting whatever relevant insight they may possess. Out of this sharing of light may come a greater light which would not have been possible had some refrained from speaking and had others insisted upon being heard many times.” from When Friends Attend to Business, by Thomas S. Brown. Come and share your light!

Save the date! Wed, August 27: Four Rivers Friends (formerly known as the Metro Friends Coordinating Committee) picnic will be held at the Minnehaha Falls Wabun picnic area starting at 5 pm. Plan to come! More info to follow.

Sophia back in town to perform her solo show at the MN Fringe Festival. “Boxed” is the humorous, poignant, occasionally raw, and not-so-unautobiographical play she wrote about the constraints a young woman faces in a life filled with doubts, epilepsy, and love (and even a strange French movie). Five performances at 3037 Lyndale Ave., Sat. Aug. 2nd (1:00) – Sun. Aug 10th, (5:30). Tickets, $12 plus a $4 festival button. Cards with complete schedule are posted and on the elevator table.

Minneapolis Friends Meeting is looking for someone to clean the meetinghouse on a weekly basis. Hours are flexible, four-five a week. Speak with Joseph or Pat.

“Do you participate regularly in meetings for business, discharging faithfully your committee responsibilities and assume your share of financial support of the Meeting?” (Baltimore Yearly Meeting Advices and Queries) “. . . all are called to minister in some capacity. It is the responsibility of each member to contribute to the life of the Meeting and to the Society of Friends as the Spirit leads . . . includ[ing] providing financial support . . .” (Northern Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice.) As part of MFM, your financial support is essential to the continuing health and viability of this Friends faith community. Offering boxes are located on small tables near the meetingroom doors. Please give as you are able.


International Friends Church is offering a vacation Bible school starting tomorrow morning (9-noon) August 4th-8th at the Jewell Park Building, 1400 – 89th Ave N in Brooklyn Park. Children 4 yrs – 6th grade are warmly welcome; 1-2 volunteers (even for an hour or two) are needed! Visiting Pastor Wabomba is leading. Call him with questions or to volunteer: 423-963-1342.

People Camp begins next weekend! People Camp, a program of Friends for a NonViolent World, offers an experience of cooperation, community living, and exploration of ideas and issues – and it’s fun!! If you have never attended before, come this year! Sun, Aug 10th – Sat, Aug 16th at Northern Pines Camp, near Park Rapids. Details and documents at .

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has staff deeply involved in Gaza. They continue to remain steady in this work, seeking constructive ways forward. For context on the tragedy in Gaza, see “Israel and Palestine, an Animated Introduction” (posted by Jewish Voices for Peace: and “Gaza Under Siege” (posted by American Friends Service Committee: Friends Committee on National Legislation has also been following and advising on the Israel / Palestine conflict for decades. Both organizations offer insight and constructive ideas for resolution. Find things you can do to help address this heart breaking situation: and .

Take action on bombing in Gaza. Take a minute to write or call your members of Congress and President Obama, asking them to urge all parties to agree to a ceasefire. Friends Committee on National Legislation says the United States can help save both Israeli and Palestinian lives by speaking out in support of a lasting ceasefire, lifting the blockade on Gaza, ending U.S. military aid to Israel, holding all sides accountable for human rights violations, and engaging with all Palestinian factions, including Hamas. United for Peace and Justice suggests we urge our Congresspeople refuse support for H.Con.Res 107 (Ros-Lehtinen on Gaza) which would guarantee military aid to Israel with no equivocation. Congressional Switchboard is 202-224-3121. A list of Congressional representatives’ contact information is on the long table.

For long-term action, American Friends Service Committee supports the boycott of Hewlitt Packard, a US company which supplies the scanners and ID cards used by Israeli military to monitor and restrict movement of Palestinians. Challenge HP’s complicity in human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territory and ask the company to withdraw from such contracts and stop profiting from the Israeli occupation. For more, see

Twin Cities Friends Meeting’s “Sharing the Light Within: A Quaker Arts & Crafts Fair” Sept 13th at the meetinghouse in St. Paul, is a wonderful way to share another side of ourselves. Nineteen Friends are currently participating, mostly from TCFM. If you are interested, email Brianna or Richard at fair(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Pat Jones will be in the office 2-5 on Wednesday and at other times on Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sunday.
Carolyn Sherer VandenDolder, the Admin Assistant, will be in Wed. afternoon and Fri. Bulletin deadline, noon Thurs. Bulletin items can be phoned in to the office, emailed or written and placed in the bulletin file in the blue box.

Some resources for support from the Meeting are:

1) clearness committees – often used when seeking direction, making a decision, or thinking through a situation. Clearness committees are regularly used with requests for membership or marriage under the care of the Meeting.

2) opportunities – two or three Friends come to worship with you, usually in your home, with or without ensuing discussion.

3) care committees – a small group meets with you for spiritual, and maybe practical, support during a situation of special need.

4) the Director of Ministry – Pat Jones will meet with you for pastoral care or to help you decide what further care you may want from the Meeting or elsewhere.

These resources are available for anyone in the Meeting dealing with difficult situations including grief, parenting, marriage / couple issues, economic stress, etc, or for counsel related to leadings, spiritual growth, gifts and ministry or relationship in or with Meeting.

Contact Ministry and Counsel Committee or Pat Jones to arrange.

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