9:00 AM unprogrammed meeting for worship: care of meeting, Phil Simard

10:15 AM On the Experience of Worship, sponsored by Ministry and Counsel, worship sharing led by Steve Snyder. How do we create space in our lives for the Spirit to work through us to nurture our meetings for worship? In considering this query, the following questions might be useful: How do we prepare for meeting for worship? What gifts do we bring to worship? What gifts do we receive?

11:15 AM semi-programmed meeting for worship: Erin Search-Wells, speaker; Nancy Lichtenstein, musician; care of meeting, Linda Coffin


Worship Planning Committee will meet in the conference room at the rise of semi-programmed worship.


MFM Thanksgiving day planned potluck will be held here this Thursday, the 22nd. This 33 year tradition will begin with worship at 3:30, final prep at 4, feasting at 4:30, and hanging out for conversation, games, and (of course) clean-up into the evening. You are invited and may bring others who do not attend meeting. A sign-up sheet is available on the table by the elevator. Signing up today would be helpful to planning.

Minneapolis Friends Meeting recorded a minute at monthly meeting urging Congress to cut the Pentagon budget by one trillion dollars over the next 10 years and to prevent devastating cuts to the peaceful prevention of deadly conflict and domestic programs that could address climate change and human needs. Friends are encouraged to send the minute to national representatives: (minneapolisfriends.org/2012/11/12/recorded-minute-to-reduce-pentagon-spending/). The direction of the lame duck session and the new Congress will shape our federal budget for years to come.

Ways to Support Friends for A Non-Violent Holiday Fair Dec 7th, 1 – 9;00 & Dec 8th, 10 – 4:00
1. Want fun with friends? Sign up to help, fnvw.org. Go to the volunteer link under Holiday Fair OR call the FNVW office, 651-917-1048. We need LOTS of Volunteers, 186 to be exact!
2. Want to have fun at home? Make goodies, make a craft item, or clean out bookshelves with the family over the Thanksgiving holiday. These are great items to sell at the Holiday Fair.
3. Want to take a pause during a frantic time? Close your eyes and open your heart in silent worship, thankful for peace in our country and in a prayer of peace for those around the world not so fortunate.

Adult Program next Sun at 10:15: Our deepest concerns for peace, justice, the world; survival and well-being for people and peoples; and survival and well-being of our physical home on Earth. Come to share your convictions. What do you need from Meeting, or from others in Meeting, related to your work? How and on what, do we want to work together?

Human Rights Shabbat – Mayim Rabim again invites us to participate in their human rights service, in recognition of Human Rights Day, on Friday, Nov 30, 6-8:30. Service, study session and vegetarian / dairy potluck. If you would like a formal role in the service talk to Pat Jones.

Lunch Bunch will meet Wednesday, Nov 28th, at Presbyterian Home Bloomington, 10030 Newton Avenue South, 11:30. Call Barbara by Tues the 27th, to make a reservation. Please come! There will be no Dec meeting.

White Envelope Gift recipients were approved at monthly meeting last week: Messiah Lutheran Mission and Link Vostok, East/West International Arts Exchange. This is a preview about the mid-Dec. special offering.

~Messiah Lutheran Mission serves the community in the Philips neighborhood, one of the poorest in Minneapolis. Besides coordinating with other churches to offer meals, a food shelf, a community garden, book drives and free store for clothes, Messiah has a thriving children’s ministry. A van collects neighborhood children for after school and summer activities and for Sunday school. The bus has broken down and as a result, the children, whose parents are often not involved at all in Messiah, have not been able to participate. The WEG will hopefully cover the expenses of bus repair so these children can again enjoy this ministry.

~Link Vostok promotes open and stable relationships between international arts communities by fostering creative, cross-cultural exchanges between North America, Europe, Russia and other countries previously separated by the Cold War. Most recently, Link Vostok has been working with abled and disabled artists in dance and community work to raise awareness of accessibility issues in Russian and Siberian towns over 1000 years old. Often the prevailing attitude there is that the disabled should stay out of sight – and they do simply because there is no accessibility. Having abled and disabled together in public workshops and performances not only gives residents a new perspective but gives those with disabilities a sense of value and possibility. The organization was founded by MFM member, Lisa First, in 1993. Link Vostok has lost a major operational funder and our WEG will help bridge the gap as new, on-going funders are put in place.

Ministry and Counsel is organizing new Circle Eight groups – eight people, couples and singles, who meet in each other’s homes every month or so. Children can be welcome, too. Often there is a potluck and a time for fellowship and/or a program. Interested? Let Pat Jones or a Ministry and Counsel member know soon.

Have something you want to share with others in meeting? Read a great article about spiritual practice and want to talk it over with others? A discussion you’re interested in facilitating? A new project you are involved in that you think meeting folks would like to know about? Have a body meditation to share? We encourage variety at adult program time on first Sundays. It’s time to talk about that idea you’ve had and haven’t put out there yet! Sandy or Mary Jean.

The MN Arms Spending Alternatives Project (ASAP) Resolution that was approved by Minneapolis Friends Meeting passed unanimously in the St. Paul City Council on October 10th. The resolution is now being introduced to the Minneapolis City Council by Cam Gordon. The resolution, which appears to have good support, calls for the Minnesota Congressional Delegation to shift federal funding priorities from military operations to meeting the essential needs of our local communities. Contact members of the Minneapolis City Council to encourage their endorsement of the resolution.

A recording of Noah Baker Merrill’s “Living Waters” talk is on our website: minneapolisfriends.org/2012/09/11/noah-baker-merrill/. His visit, presence, and message has resonated with many in the Meeting. If you missed it, please listen, even more than once. A few who were present for it had trouble hearing and will probably find the recording clearer.

Offering boxes are located on small tables near the meetingroom doors. Average contributions of $9,725 per month are needed to meet our budget. First and second quarter contributions total 30% of our approved budget. If you would like to automate your contributions, please talk to Suzanne, receiving treasurer. Thank you, Friends, for your generous support in all manner of ways. A list of short-term volunteer opportunities is by the offering boxes.

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