Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, November 11, 2012

Attenders:  [Names redacted for posted copy]

Clerk read a query from Iowa Yearly Meeting Faith & Practice.

1. Approve October Minutes
October minutes were APPROVED.  A Friend complimented the concise minutes.
2. Monthly Reports
Director of Ministry – by Pat Jones.
+  Pat asked Friends to join her in prayer for people who have worked hard for what will happen in our country economically and politically.  People brought concerns and hopes for our country.  Friends prayed in silence for several minutes.  Pat briefly prayed aloud.
+  What do we need as individuals and groups in the meeting?  Pat handed out an article by FGC.
Ministry & Counsel – reported by Tom Wells.  A written report was submitted; see attached.  + The committee discussed responding to prisoners’ requests for correspondence.  John Stuart volunteered to act as a consultant to responders.  + Circle 8’s are being organized, some of them with the option of meeting just once or twice.  + On Nov. 18 at Adult Forum, Steve Snyder will facilitate consideration of three queries aimed at enhancing the experience of worship.  + The co-sponsorship of the film “Love Free or Die” by this meeting and Mayim Rabim was reviewed; members agreed that “the evening was rich with fellowship and enlightenment.”  + A committee retreat is planned for January.  + A storytelling session is planned for after the holidays.  + A Friend noted that three clearness committees have been started.
3. Annual Reports
Stewardship Committee – annual report by Jeff Naylor.  A written report was submitted; please see attached.  We are at 36% of income at the halfway point through the fiscal year.  This is comparable to last year, no cause for pronounced concern.
Child Welfare Committee – annual report by Lolly Lijewski.  A written report was submitted; please see attached.  The committee met in June.  Background checks and notarization were addressed; people who need their signatures notarized will be asked to get that done on their own.   The committee is composed of four members plus Pat.  They resolved to ask Nominating Committee for two more members.  The task of observing classrooms requires more help.  A form has been developed for the observers, the purpose of which is to support the teachers.
Fall Camp – report by Ed Souther.  This report was held over.  Friends present said Camp was wonderful.
4. Follow-up Issues
Nominating Committee nominations ― Pat Jones reported that she and Ranae brainstormed and came up with three people who agreed to serve on Nominating Committee if meeting approves.  Still on the committee are Tom Ward and Betsy Souther.  Three new members have been proposed: David Woolley and Roberta Oliven, each for one year, and John Kraft for three years.  Meeting APPROVED.  Tom Ward commented that historically, Nominating Committee does not name people to its own committee.
White Envelope Gift ad hoc committee ― Barbara Ziegenhagen. Carolyn VandenDolder, Judith James and Barbara met and considered ten or eleven suggestions.  All had merits.  They settled on two organizations.  Judith described Link Vostok, an arts organization of which Lisa First has been the director, whose mission it is to bring able and disabled artists to the former Soviet Union.  In the beginning in the Soviet Union it was unheard of for disabled artists to be active in society.  The McKnight Foundation ended support for Link Vostok.  Lisa has been working to keep the organization alive.  She needs a short span of aid to cover operating costs to get through a period of waiting to see if long term funding comes through.  The White Envelope gift would provide them a financial bridge for a few months until further funding is received.
Carolyn described the local Messiah Mission in Phillips neighborhood, part of a dynamic group of churches offering food shelves, clothing, and after-school activities.  A bus goes through the neighborhood and brings kids to their church.  The bus broke down; they need money for repairs.  The White Envelope gift would enable this ministry to continue.  Friends noted that as the meeting’s child population dwindles, we might ask how we can serve other children.
Friends APPROVED the suggested gifts.
Hosting NYM Executive Committee Meeting ― Carolyn VandenDolder, Betsy Souther, Suzanne Ferguson.  If you can bring bread, fruit, cheese, vegetarian soup and/or desserts to the meetinghouse for Saturday’s lunch, contact Carolyn.  They are planning for 60 to 70 people.
Meetinghouse Maintenance ― Jim Haefemeyer.  The clerk summarized the furnace situation.  Storage problems have arisen, notably involving the FNVW Holiday Fair stuff.  Tom Wells took note of the problem on behalf of FNVW.
Jim commented on the recurring and instant difficulties with the microphone.  He wondered about whether this would fall within the duties of the “meeting steward.”  We need a person, Jim felt, who will be responsible for providing fully charged batteries for the microphones.  Pat clarified that the “meeting steward” role was conceived for semi-programmed meeting only.  The instructions for semi-programmed meeting closers tell how to handle the rechargeable batteries.  Someone is needed, clerk said, to prepare microphones.  John Kraft said he is on Property Committee and that he took on responsibility for the microphones.
Regarding the new furnaces, Jim said installation of an air exchanger has created a storage space problem.  One solution is to get rid of some old building materials stacked behind the FNVW materials in the closet in the basement women’s restroom.  The trustees building fund has been largely expended on re-roofing and the two new furnaces.  $48,000 has been spent this year so far.  The rest of the furnaces will soon need replacing (and an additional air exchanger installed).
Tom Wells pointed out that at present the room to the northeast of the dining hall, known as “the blue room,” can be used temporarily for storage.  Rae Cornelius also addressed FNVW storage needs and suggested solutions.  Storage items would need to be relocated after the Holiday Fair.  Until the Fair, the blue room will be needed for meeting and Fair activities.  After the Fair it can be used for FNVW and other storage.  Marilyn Johnson and Jeannette Raymond volunteered to coordinate removal of unneeded materials belonging to meeting.
NYM Faith and Practice chapter on Testimony of Community ― Copies of the minute and suggested changes by members of this meeting were distributed.  This item will be addressed after the close of Meeting for Worship.
5. New Business
FNVW Holiday Fair ― Rae Cornelius.  This is Rae’s third year as organizer.  The  Holiday Fair is the major fundraising event for FNVW during the year.   FNVW’s signature program, Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), has been invited back into Hennepin County jails and continues to be active in the Stillwater prison.  The program is in demand.  The Fair starts Friday, December 7th, running 1 pm  ― 9 pm, and continues Saturday, December 8th, 10 am ― 4 pm.  These dates avoid the usual conflict with several other popular events.  Three new crock pots and other equipment have been donated to make serving food easier and more efficient.  We didn’t have enough volunteers last year; this year someone is in charge of volunteers at each meeting.  “We want people to have fun,” said Rae.  This is a celebration for the Quaker and FNVW community.  Volunteers are urged to sign up online.  Reminders will be sent by email.
Marriage Support Committee Request – Kyle Johnson and Heather Kerestes.  Friends congratulated the couple.  The request will be forwarded to the Marriage Preparation Committee.
Response Requested on FCNL Priorities ― Friends Committee for National Legislation requests our feedback on priorities for action by April 1, 2013.  Materials were included in their letter.  We will use the January Peace and Social Concerns time during Adult Forum to begin this consideration. If other meetings are needed to complete our feedback, we will plan those during pot luck or at other times.
6. Communications and Announcements
+  Minute to Reduce Pentagon Spending ― Milwaukee Friends Meeting has sent to us for our endorsement a proposed minute to reduce Pentagon spending.  The minute may have originated with Friends Committee for National Legislation.  Clerk read the minute.  Clerk suggested adding reference to the need for climate change remediation as another pressing reason to reduce Pentagon spending.  Clerk said we could adapt the minute to our own version, send a copy to FCNL and one to Milwaukee Friends Meeting.  Friends APPROVED.  The Minneapolis Friends Meeting draft of the minute is attached.
+ NYM – El Salvador Yearly Meeting support.  Item held over.
+ Quaker Women’s Group meeting announcement.  See attached.
+ Do the Math Tour.  Nov. 30 Bill McKibben of 350.org will speak on the compelling math of global climate change.  The event is sold out at Ted Mann auditorium.
+ Twin Cities Peace Campaign to sponsor candlelight vigil for Iraqi children.  A letter was received from the Twin Cities Peace Campaign.  It was referred to Peace & Social Concerns group.

Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business and transitioned to meeting for worship.

Following meeting for worship, a group of five met with the presiding clerk, refined and completed the meeting’s revision of the NYM Faith and Practice chapter on Testimony of Community, and agreed to forward our revision to Kathy White, the editor for the chapter for Northern Yearly Meeting.


Ministry & Counsel report
Stewardship Committee budget report
Child Welfare Committee annual report
Reduce Pentagon Spending minute
Quaker Women’s Group message

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