Meeting for Business Minutes, September 11, 2011


Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, 11 September 2011

Attending: Ranae Hanson (clerk), Nancy Helfrich (recording clerk) [Further names redacted for online version]

1. Approved August 2011 Minutes

2. Monthly Report

Patricia Jones had a mild heart attack August 13 and is on family medical leave for 4 weeks. Gayle McJunkin reported for her. Concerns can be addressed to the clerk of Monthly Meeting or Ministry & Counsel.

Ministry and Council report – David Woolley. The chairs in the Meetingroom have been re-arranged over the summer, and there will be some experimentation with the arrangement this fall. Also, due to hearing challenges, the microphone will be passed around on an experimental basis during semi-programmed meeting for worship.

Worship in the western suburbs will take place at 7 pm on 9/14 at Connie Jacobs’.

A threshing session will take place at 7 pm on 9/27 concerning marriage equality support.

Worship with attention to photography will take place next Sunday between 10:15 and 11, to represent how our worship time appears, for publicity purposes. During that time period there will also be coffee and treats.

Nominating Committee – Tom Ward. Cliff & Gloria Wexler were proposed and gladly APPROVED to be part of the Camp Committee.

Seed money process – David Woolley presented the final form, of which the basic concept was approved about a year ago.

Welcoming Committee – Sandy Olson presented the plan for two trainers from FGC to facilitate a Quaker Quest workshop for us from 9 to 4 on November 12. The cost for us is $600. The request is for all who come to worship with any regularity to attend. An additional $200 will be used for the neighborhood ice cream social on October 2nd.

Shepherd Scholarship Committee – Allen Gibas. A brief history of the scholarship was given. As of June 2011 there is $196,000 in the fund. 13 grants were given in 2011 totaling $5,150. (report attached)

Holiday Fair – Tom Wells (for Rae Cornelius). The Fair is a metro-wide Quaker event held the first weekend in December at MFM to earn funds to support Friends for a Non-Violent World. Questionnaires were distributed and gathered back to obtain input for the Fair Committee’s decision-making.

Camp Courage Committee – Mark Powers. Camp Courage, the site of our annual Fall Camp, informed us that our only option is to use their cafeteria service, rather than providing our own food. That would bring our cost to $7700 rather than $5000 or so. This would mean no potluck, no cooking or clean-up on our part. Our DECISION was to begin camp Saturday morning after breakfast, and end it after lunch Sunday. We will be saving the charges for Friday supper, overnight, and Saturday breakfast, which should bring the cost back down to an affordable amount.

Next First Day begins our non-summer schedule: 9:00 unprogrammed worship, 10:15 adult      program, 11:15 semi-programmed worship and First Day School. This coming Sunday photos will be taken of us at worship at the 10:15 time, as well as coffee and treats being available.

Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a 15 minute period of silent worship.

Attachment: (Not included in online version)
Shepherd Scholarship report