The Roland and Zephyra Shepherd Scholarship Fund was established in 1977 by the Minneapolis Friends Meeting from a fund made available by Roland and Zephyra Shepherd. The Shepherds were active members of Minneapolis Friends Meeting for over three decades. The income from this fund is to be used for whatever administration expenses are necessary, and for educational scholarships for individuals selected on the basis of criteria outlined below.

Selection Criteria

(a) An applicant must be a child of a Quaker parent who is an active and contributing member of at least five years standing, or must him/herself be an active and contributing member of at least five years standing of a Quaker meeting.

(b) An applicant must be accepted in a post-secondary educational institution, college, university, or trade school in order to be eligible.

(c) An applicant who is a member or associate member of Minneapolis Friends Meeting shall be given preference over an applicant associated with another Friends meeting.

(d) If no person associated with Minneapolis Friends Meeting applies within a given year, the committee may select from among candidates designated by William Penn College or from among Quakers preferably residing in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, or South Dakota.

Additional Conditions

(1) The trustees of the fund shall have discretion to determine the amount to be awarded to each recipient; provided, however, that in no case shall the amount awarded to any one recipient pay for the entire tuition and living expenses of such recipient. The recipient and/or his/her parent(s) are expected to bear a portion of the recipient’s tuition and living expenses.

(2) A scholarship recipient must reapply at the end of each school year to be considered an applicant for the following year.

(3) An applicant must submit an application by April 1 in order to be eligible to receive funds for a school year that begins in the fall.

Application forms may be obtained from the Minneapolis Friends Meeting office, or downloaded here.