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Biznology webinar: How to build your influencers in social media – Chris Abraham, Mike Moran moderator 10/14/2014


You need to become an influencer first:
– Doesn’t require “the many” though the more the better
– Initially you must be compelling enough to be taken seriously on one or more core topics
– They will Google you for bona fides
– Make sure you leave a trail of bread crumbs

Find close friends who are influential.

Buy domain names that represent
– your name
– your company
– what you do (bloggeroutreach.com)

Start a personal site – that will act as a funnel

Shameless self-promotion. Describe everything you can do with clarity

Start a blog: lot of work, often ignored, you’ll resent it,
but it will turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Be smart for free
– for any platform that will accept you as an expert
– writing is marketing
– books are even better
– start with LinkedIn Posts – blogging platform you can crosspost to

Gravity assist slingshot effect
People you know through places you worked, clients you had, brands you’ve served
Use gravity of your past to slingshot your influence
Keep beating your clients, etc.

Convert from morning paper to morning feed.
– Your influencer corps is publishing, read them
– Install the Buffer App to share across all your platforms

Do social media land grab.
– Be everywhere – Twitter, linkedin, FB, blog, google+
– “Knowem helps you register all your profiles.
People will look for you where they are.

Find your contacts on social – share your address book with Twiter, FB etc.
Try “Attentively” – upload your mailng list and find where your contacts are.

Make your competitors your colleagues.
– your career is dynamic
– don’t burn bridges
– connect & befriend your competitors
– don’t snark, be kind & generous

Rob your competitors.
ManageFlitter, socialoomph – get your competitors followers

Buy your way into business Followerz
Buy initial package of followers.
If you’re too aggressive you get banned

Be shamelessly generous and inclusive with competitors
link shamelessly
write yourself into being part of their conversation

Ask for favors & help before you need them.
-Don’t collect influencers without “running them”
– grant assistance and offer to help when its not on behalf of a client
– like building credit – do it when it doesn’t matter
People love to help, but have been hurt before.
Be perceived as giving more than you get – win win win

Activate influencers for business purposes.
Engaging your posse only works if
you’re best mates, known entity, recognized brand, or willing to pay to play.
GroupHigh, inkybee, little bird, Google docs

You’re not a wizard activating hordes of robot zombies.
“Earned Media” means you need to earn it.
Quid pro quo

Treat social media like a real job.
– everybody’s real people
hard work + time = social media success
few overnight successes
Be kind, everyone is fighting a hard battle
Hugs, not horns

Set measurable goals
Develop online audience profiles
Identify influencers in your key subjects
Use social media to broadcast content
Develop digital PR plan and sell it to your organization
On-site workshop on your problems for your team

Create slideshare decks, blog on Linkedin. Hanging out in LinkedIn groups doesn’t help you much.
Lots of silicon valley and NYC power people are on Google+

Keep track of people who are sharing & commenting on your social media content.

Don’t expect much action for first 6 months.
Write for a million people but don’t expect a big audience right away.
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