The following Articles of Incorporation were adopted by Minneapolis Friends Meeting in 1882. Much has changed since then. The current practices of this Meeting in the 21st century do not necessarily follow what is outlined below.



WHEREAS we the undersigned have formed a Society under the name of the Minneapolis Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends – and attend meetings for business and worship at Minneapolis and are citizens of the State of Minnesota — And Whereas the Society by us so formed and organized is not incorporated under and pursuant to the laws of said State of Minnesota — And Whereas certain real-estate to wit Lot One (1) of Block (223) of Hoag and Bell’s and fractional lot (1) of same Block in Weller Sampson and Bells Addition to Minneapolis has been conveyed in trust to Richard J. Mendenhall, Alfred H. Lindley and Wm Pettit Trustees for the use and benefit of said Society, And Whereas Lots 31-38 inclusive and Lots 46-54 inclusive and Lots 57-65 inclusive and Lots 74-82 inclusive in Section Seven of the Lakewood Cemetary Association of Hennepin County have been purchased by us and conveyed to the Trustees hereinafter names in Trust for the use and benefit of said Society — And Whereas Alfred H. Lindley, Richard J. Mendenhall and William Pettit do now hold in trust for said Society the sum ofTwo Thousand Dollars ($2000/00) And Whereas said Society desires to organize and become incorporated under the provisions of Chapter Fifteen (15) of the General Laws of Minnesota approved February 28, 1873, Now Therefore, we the undersigned have agreed to and do hereby adopt and sign the following – Articles of Incorporation.


The name of this Corporation shall be The Minneapolis Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends — and its location shall be in the City of Minneapolis State of Minnesota.


Its general purpose is to form a Society for Religious Worship.


Its general plan of operation shall be to maintain and establish meetings for business and worship.


Members of this corporation shall be those whose names are hereto affixed – All minor children both of whose parents are members shall be deemed members on reaching the age of twenty-one years and shall have their names entered as members in a book kept by the Recorder for that purpose. And such other persons above the age of twenty one years who from time to time may with the consent of the corporation hereof or their successors and in accordance with the usage and custom of this Society have their names entered by the Recorder as above specified.


All persons whosoever shall be welcome to this Society but at its business meetings only those shall take part in the proceedings who are members of this corporation.


This corporation may for the purpose of conducting its business meetings be divided into two coordinate branches and all male members shall constitute one branch and all female members the other branch — And for the purpose of transacting its business each branch may have a clerk and assistants. But the clerk chosen for the female branch shall not be deemed an officer of the corporation.


Should any vacancy arise in the board of officers such vacancy may be filled at any business meeting subsequent to the time when the vacancy occurs.


Business meetings of this Society shall be held monthly and on such days as shall be designated by the Society.


The Trustees shall have the power to provide a corporate seal and to alter the same.


All deeds conveyance and other written contracts of this corporation shall be signed by the trustees and sealed with the corporate seal and no instrument shall be valid unless so executed. But no action shall be taken by said trustees which shall create any pecuniary liability or obligation against said corporation without the formal concurrence of said corporation expressed at a business meeting.


The making and enforcing of rules of government shall belong to the corporation and no member thereof shall be deprived of any rights or privileges herein unless by action of said corporation.


All powers privileges and franchises of this corporation shall subsist and continue in full force and effect notwithstanding any omission to elect trustees or other officers or failure to use such privileges powers or franchises.

In witness thereof said incorporators have hereunto set their hands and seals this Fifteenth day of (Fourth Month) April 1882.

[Editor’s note: Here follows a list of 21 names of Friends who signed the Articles and the certification by the Secretary of State, etc. A full and complete copy of the Articles are on file in the Meetinghouse.]