Faith and Practice of Northern Yearly Meeting

Phena and Nancy

A “Faith and Practice” is a book or collection of writings issued by a Quaker yearly meeting setting out what it means to be a Quaker in that yearly meeting. (A yearly meeting is a regional grouping of Quaker meetings.) The writings are not meant to be rules that Friends must agree or adhere to, but may be used as a source of guidance. Minneapolis Friends Meeting is affiliated with Northern Yearly Meeting, and participated in developing NYM’s Faith and Practice.

General Quaker Information

Quaker Activities in the Twin Cities

Friends School of Minnesota

The Friends School, located in St. Paul, offers a rich K-8 program where in-depth academic studies are supported by peaceful forms of conflict resolution. The school welcomes ethnic and economic diversity. It is not necessary to be a Quaker to enroll at the Friends School.

Friends for a Non-Violent World

FNVW is a Minnesota, Quaker-inspired peace and social action organization supported by this and other meetings in the Twin Cities area. It is an important force for leading action on Quaker values in this region. Our members and attenders serve on its board and committees and as volunteers in its programs.

Alternatives to Violence Project

AVP was started in 1975 by Quakers in New York Yearly Meeting and is now worldwide. In this area it is sponsored by FNVW. Its primary work is prison workshops to enable inmates to overcome violent responses to life situations, including the endemic violence of prison life. Emphasis is placed on personal and group transformation through drawing on spiritual power and practicing communication skills. Exercises develop self-esteem and trust in fellow participants. AVP workshops in the community train leaders for prison work to supplement prisoners who become leaders through the program. First level training sessions are held fairly frequently.

Twin Cities Healing Justice Program

In collaboration with restorative justice providers, Quakers and youth, this St. Paul-based Healing Justice Program helps educate Minnesotans about institutional and systemic racism and advocate for ways in which we can use our voices for change. This is a program of the American Friends Service Committee.

Other Near-By Friends Meetings

Wider Quaker Organizations and Activities

Four Rivers Friends (formerly Metro Friends)

Four Rivers Friends is an association of Quaker meetings residing near the confluence of the Mississippi, Minnesota, Saint Croix and Cannon Rivers that organizes occasional “get-together” events.

Northern Yearly Meeting

Minneapolis Friends Meeting is linked to nationwide and worldwide Quaker endeavors through this regional organization. NYM is composed of meetings in Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas. Its annual sessions of business and spiritual refreshment are usually held at a camp or campus and feature several days of business, worship, workshops and interest groups, including a strong program for children of all ages. NYM also sponsors youth retreat weekends and activities at various times during the year. NYM has no authority to direct the activities of monthly meetings, but represents their way of working together on regional concerns and relations to still wider Friends activities.

Friends General Conference

FGC is an association of yearly meetings of the traditional liberal or “Hicksite” persuasion (one of which is Northern Yearly Meeting, with which Minneapolis Friends Meeting is affiliated.) FGC provides services to member yearly meetings, including traveling ministry and religious education materials. Every summer, FGC sponsors a week-long Gathering of Friends at a college campus somewhere in the U.S. or Canada. It typically draws about 1,500 Quakers from North America and around the world.

American Friends Service Committee

AFSC is a national peace and justice nonprofit organization, one of the largest and most influential peace organizations in the world. Its nationwide and worldwide programs are supported not only by Friends but by many others. Many members of this Meeting have served on its Board.

Friends Committee on National Legislation

FCNL is a Quaker lobby in the public interest, based in Washington, D.C. Its newsletter, hot lines and website are among the most valuable sources of trustworthy political information and it provides excellent assistance to those who want to communicate with national officials. Members of this Meeting have served on its Executive Committee.

Friends World Committee for Consultation

This committee seeks to have all yearly meetings of the world as its members, and nearly all are. Its principal purpose is for Friends to meet together and discuss mutual concerns, through representative triennial meetings in different parts of the world and world conferences about every 15 years. Its world headquarters is in London, and it sponsors programs at the United Nations in New York and Geneva.

Quaker House

Quaker House assists U.S. military personnel who are conscientious objectors to seek discharge or noncombatant service.

Quaker Earthcare Witness

QEW works internationally to support informed, spirit-led action on environmental issues such as pollution, conservation, energy use, global warming, loss of species and habitats, and population pressures.

Quakers and Climate Change

Right Sharing of World Resources

RSWR grants seed money to support many community-based grassroots projects for economic development the world over.

Earlham School of Religion

ESR is a Christian graduate school of theology in the Quaker tradition, located in Indiana.

Northern Spirit Radio

“Illuminating the connections between the roots and fruits of the Spirit” under the care of Eau Claire Friends Meeting