May 7, 2017



9:00 AM meeting for worship (unprogrammed): care of meeting, Carol Bechtel and Keitha Herron

10:15 AM Ted Bowman on Adaptive Change, part 2. Make it a priority to attend so we might constructively, patiently, and lovingly deal with each other in the coming time of change. Coordinated by Ministry and Counsel Committee.

11:15 AM meeting for worship (semi-programmed): Ellen Swanson, speaker; Nancy Lichtenstein, musician; care of meeting, Judith James and Barbara Ziegenhagen (mic)

While discovering the many powers of the heart, you start living from a different consciousness. You follow your heart. You tune in to the voice of your soul. You’ve turned toward your purpose. Now you find the courage to do those things you feel you were born to do.” ~ Baptist de Pape

You are welcome at the potluck today at the rise of semi-programmed worship. Terry Hokenson will be in middler classroom, (with the glass walls) available to speak about his experience at last week’s People’s Climate March II in D.C.

A copy of the current directory as well as the most recent directory update information sheet are on the elevator table. Please check your listing(s) to make sure they are up-to-date. Make changes (legibly written) as needed. We would like to have a complete, accurate update sheet available before summer. If you attend with some regularity and wish to be included, fill out an information form!


The last day of the school year schedule is May 21. Starting May 28 there will be one worship at 10:00 – first and third Sundays, unprogrammed worship; second and fourth Sundays, semi-programmed. Potluck will follow worship on the first Sunday of the month. Worship with attention to business will follow semi-programmed worship on the second Sunday of the month.

Next Sunday at 9:45: worship with attention to business: Hear this year’s State of the Society report and the post-Director of Ministry-retirement options coming from the ad hoc Transition Committee, requested at April’s business meeting. Please attend this important time of discussion and discernment around Meeting life, post Sept 30, 2017.

Didn’t get to participate in Friendly meals or just appreciate food and fellowship? The Welcoming and Outreach Committee is hosting a spring potluck THIS Wed, May 10, 6:30pm, here.

There is still time to register for Northern Yearly Meeting. Want to know more about NYM? Bill is our current representative; Jim, Elizabeth, John, Carolyn, and Pat are happy to answer questions too. Feel free to bring up the topic at the potluck TODAY or the potluck this coming Wed!

Part of the MFM Peace and Social Concerns Committee mission is: “Helping the Meeting select one to three peace and social concerns focus topics for each year and to support a Meeting group to create a Meeting-wide event or activity or action for each of the chosen topics.” Topic(s) for the year will be chosen at the next P&SC meeting on May 17th at 7:00. Input is needed! Send suggestions to any committee member or come to the meeting on May 17th.

Help add a sparkle to summer at the Property Committee’s SPRING CLEAN-UP, May 21, at the rise of semi-programmed worship. Rags and cleaning solutions supplied. Come with willingness and some elbow grease as we wash windows and tend to other annual tasks. Tackle a window or two before you leave the building to help make the work manageable!

The documentary Before the Flood will be shown at the meetinghouse on Wed, May 24, at 7:00 p.m. The film explores the science behind what’s causing climate change and offers many solutions that can be implemented today. Refreshments served

Read Out of the Silence: Quaker Perspectives on Pastoral Care and Counseling at the Watson reading group WED, May 24th at 7 PM in the conference room. No need to read ahead – we’ll read together! One-timers and regulars – everyone is welcome!

The Meeting library is a valuable resource for all to share. Currently, dozens of items have been checked out for more than a year. Please check your shelves to see if you have any library materials that can be returned so that others may make use them! New titles now available: Rising to the Challenge: the Transition Movement and people of faith by Ruah Swennerfelt; The Third Reconstruction: How a moral movement is overcoming the politics of division and fear by William J. Barber, II; This We Can Do: Quaker faith in action through the Alternatives to Violence Project by Sally Herzfeld; Where Should I Stand?: a field guide for monthly meeting clerks by Elizabeth Boardman; and Wrestling with our Faith Tradition: collected public witness, 1995-2004 by Lloyd Lee Wilson.
Free old Friends Journals are available from the box on the east side pew of the main southside entrance. No need to return.


The memorial service for Don Irish will be held Sat, Aug 5th, 2 – 4:00 pm at Friends School of Minnesota, 1365 Englewood Ave, St. Paul. More information will be published closer to the date.

Northern Yearly Meeting Annual Session is May 26- 29 (Memorial Day weekend) at the Lions Camp in Rosholt, WI. The theme – “Moving Forward: Having Difficult Conversations About Diversity.” TERRIFIC CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING! Brochures and registration forms are on the elevator table and are linked in the May calendar of . You can still register – a $10 late fee will be applied. Scholarships are available on registration form.

Friends School Plant Sale, next weekend, May 12-14! Plant catalogues are out. More at

Friends General Conference Gathering, July 2 – 9 at Niagara University, Niagara Fall, NY registration has begun. Some advance programs are scattered around the meetinghouse. See more at

Help spread the word: Friends School of MN is seeking a head of school. The leadership opportunity statement (like a job description) at: Application deadline July 8th. Questions to headsearch(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) .


MN Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance is hosting “Resistance & Resilience: Sustaining Faithful Action for Justice & Solidarity in a Hurting World,” a statewide, interfaith summit featuring national speakers talking about how to build spiritually rooted, intersectional, faithful movements for justice and solidarity, capable of responding to today’s heartbreaks and challenges. The content of this Summit will be heart-opening and challenging to people of all faith traditions: May 19-20; First Universalist, 3400 Dupont Ave So, Mpls. More at /event-2516736

Attend a Taking Heart Iftar this May–June. Mosques from all over the Twin Cities are partnering with MN Council of Churches to help people get to know their Muslim neighbors. Google “taking heart registration” to register for a meal or go to:

OFFICE HOURS: Pat Jones’ work week is Wed-Sun. She will be in the office Wed. from 2:00-5:00 and other times Wed, Thurs, Fri. and Sat. Carolyn VandenDolder, the Administrative Assistant, will be out of the office this week.

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