February 5, 2017



9:00 AM meeting for worship (unprogrammed): care of meeting, Doug and Keitha (mic) Herron

10:15 AM Is there a quotation that is meaningful to you? Song lyrics that resonate with your experience? A poem that speaks to your condition? Share something important to you and to hear those things dear to others. Please come willing to share and willing to listen. Jeannette Raymond will facilitate this interactive session.

11:15 AM meeting for worship (semi-programmed): Mary Snyder, speaker; Nancy Lichtenstein, musician; care of meeting, Joanne Esser

Our life is love, and peace, and tenderness; and bearing one with another, and forgiving one another, and not laying accusations one against another, but praying one for another, helping one another up with a tender hand.
~ Isaac Pennington, 1667

You are welcome at the potluck today at the rise of semi-programmed worship. To regulars, bring lots so we feel confident urging guests to stay!!


The American Friends Service Committee and its new General Secretary, Joyce Ajlouny. Joyce will begin her appointment on September 1st.


Next Sunday, Friends will turn their attention to business at 9:45. On the agenda: the preliminary budget from Stewardship and Finance Committee; a preliminary committee slate from the Nominating Committee; an update on the ad hoc Transition Committee; and discussion and possible approval of the new Google Group.

Read Living Buddha, Living Christ with F(f)riends at the Watson discussion group, Thurs, Feb 16th at 7 PM in the conference room. No need to read ahead – read and discuss together! One-times and regulars – everyone is welcome!

The Meeting library is a valuable resource for all to share. Currently, dozens of items have been checked out for more than a year. Please check your shelves to see if you have any library materials that can be returned so that others may make use them!

Northern Yearly Meeting spring interim session (a gathering of NYM reps from NYM Meetings, presiding clerks, and other interested NYM Friends,) will March 24-25, 2017, in Madison, WI. Friends who wish to stay in the homes of Madison Meeting Friends should contact the office by March 15th: office(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)minneapolisfriends.org. Requests should include whether pet free, stairs free housing is needed.

Might you be interested in serving as a Minneapolis Meeting representative to Northern Yearly Meeting? This involves participation at Northern Yearly Meeting annual sessions Memorial Day weekend in Rosholt WI and in NYM interim meetings in the autumn and spring. Pat, Carolyn, or John can tell you more.


Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) fields an expert team of lobbyists on Capitol Hill and works with a grassroots network of tens of thousands of people across the country to advance peace, justice, opportunity, and environmental stewardship. FCNL is a nonpartisan organization that seeks to advocate values of integrity, simplicity, and peace as we build relationships across political divides to move policies forward. Good information on the issues of the day with suggestions for action: fcnl.org

A Young Adult Friends, (ages 18-35,) dinner and worship will be held Thurs, Feb 23rd at 6:00 pm at Riise’s apartment. (Call/text when you arrive to be let in.) A 30 -minute unprogrammed worship will be followed by a vegan dinner at 6:30 pm. Ross Hennessy, Assistant Director of Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS), will be there, talking about ways area young adult Friends can get involved in the QVS house, opening in the Cities in the fall of 2018. Questions? Contact Riise. Want to carpool from Minneapolis? Contact Hillis.

Save the Date for the FNVW Annual Meeting, Sun, Feb 26th, 1:00 – 3:00PM at Twin Cities Friends Meeting.

Young adult opportunities through Friends Committee on National Legislation:

*Spring Lobby Weekend (fcnl.org/updates/spring-lobby-weekend-30) on March 18-21, 2017 will draw 350 young adults to Washington to be trained and then lobby on income inequality. For those who need it, financial assistance is available.

*Young Fellows Program (fcnl.org/updates/young-fellows-program-32) offers paid, full-time positions from late August 2017-July 2018, bringing recent college grads to work full-time in the Washington, DC office, learning how to change the world. Nearly 200 young adults, including Devin Helfrich, have come through this program over the last 40 years, gaining a keen appreciation for the power of effective, principled advocacy – whatever they next pursue. Apply by Feb 15.

*Summer Internship Program (fcnl.org/updates/summer-internship-33?utm_medium=email) in June and July, designed for college sophomores and juniors, offers experience working with our Quaker lobby in Washington, DC. Apply by March 6.

White Privilege Conference will be held in Kansas City April 27-30. Once again, Friends General Conference (FGC) will offer deeply discounted group rates for interested Quakers to attend, and Friends in Kansas City will provide hosting: fgcquaker.org/register-2016-white-privilege-conference. More on the conference: whiteprivilegeconference.com/.


Mayim Rabim invites Friends to hear Odeh Muhawesh, an Adjunct Professor of Theology at the U of St. Thomas, speaking on: What are the origins of extremism and radicalization in the world’s Islamic communities? next Sun, Feb. 12th, from 3:00-4:30 PM, here.

The Joint Religious Legislative Coalition’s Day on the Hill, is Thurs, Feb 23rd, 8:30-3:30. The JLRC is a voice of the MN Council of Churches, the MN Catholic Conference, the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Islamic Center of MN. Let your faith speak by lobbying for justice and dignity for all Minnesotans! Register at: JRLC.org/day-on-the-hill-registration . Keynote speaker, Lisa Sharon Harper, Sojourners in DC. Pat is going if you are interested in carpooling.

Annamary will be flipping pancakes at the Women’s Prison book Project Pancake Breakfast and Book Sale next Sat, Feb 11, 8AM-noon, Walker Methodist Church, 3104 – 16th Ave S, Mpls; used books $3 hardcover; $2 paperback; $1 children’s books.


Pat Jones’ work week is Wed-Sun. She will be in the office Wed. from 2:00-5:00 and other times Wed, Thurs, Fri. and Sat.
Carolyn VandenDolder, the Administrative Assistant, will be in Wed morning and Thurs. and Fri. afternoons. Bulletin deadline, noon Thur. Items can be phoned in to the office, emailed, or written and put in the bulletin file of the blue box.

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