July 24, 2016



10:00 AM meeting for worship (semi-programmed this week): planned speaker; postponed,
Dave Bostrom, musician; care of meeting, Joanne Esser and Jeannette Raymond

Today’s picnic table conversation at 9:00 a.m.: Healthy food, healthy planet

Please submit all announcements for the bulletin to the office. If there are announcements that must be made after worship, please give them to a person with care of meeting (the role previously known as closer) before worship begins. The person with care of meeting will make any necessary announcements and direct people to you if they want further information. Please be sensitive to the need Friends might have to leave meeting with the peace and centeredness of worship and/or be released so they might go on to the planned activities of their day.

OFFERING BOXES are located on small tables near both meetingroom doors.


Every Sunday in the summer, there is a 9 AM picnic table discussion (inside if raining,) dealing with topics in contemporary Quakerism or Quakers in history. A list of topics is by the bulletins – next week’s topic: How Quakers can help end mass incarceration.

The use of the microphone in meeting for worship enables vocal ministry to be heard and held by all present. Microphone carriers are needed for a number of worship times this summer. Please consider sign up to provide this limited-in-scope but very important service to the Meeting with Joanne or Carol.

Additional hosts are needed for coffee hours starting next Sun, July 24. There is a sign up for volunteers on the bulletin table.

Offering boxes are on tables by the meetingroom doors. Ten weeks into our fiscal year, we were averaging $1389 per week and we need to average $2276 per week to meet our budget obligations.

THIS FALL: The school year schedule will resume on the third Sunday in Sept, the 18th.

Minneapolis Meeting Fall Camp is turning sixty! Save the dates Oct 1st and 2nd to trek to Camp Courage and celebrate the years of community, friendship, and fun.


Susie Kanemitsu is interested in finding others in the Meeting who are working or would like to work on gun violence issues. Please contact her if you can help her find a useful way to connect to these efforts…If there are others in Meeting who want to find Friends to collaborate on a concern, please let Pat know.

The AFSC office is seeking volunteers for this summer’s Freedom School! This year’s Freedom School is on August 2-5 from 10am -4pm and will be held at TCFM. We primarily could use help with lunches- picking up food, setting it out and helping with clean up. There may be some transportation needs as well. If you have time and are interested or would like more information, please call Sharon Goens-Bradley at 651-789-3852.

Four Rivers Friends (previously known as Metro Friends) will host a potluck picnic for all Friends in the area on August 14th at the Wabun picnic area of Minnehaha Park. Activities – a plant sway and music – start at 4:30 p.m. Potluck and ice cream sundaes at 6:00 and Dave Crawford (of Twin Cities Meeting) speaking and answering questions about Plants & Pollinators as well as child activities at 6:30. Bring food to share, a tablecloth, your own eating utensils (dishes, cups, and flatware – this is a zero-waste event!) and plants to swap (please no nicitinoids!)

The next Northern Yearly Meeting newsletter is in the works. Deadline for submissions this Wed, July 20th. Need more time to craft you submission? Contact Elizabeth and she will try to accommodate. Take advantage of this opportunity to share YOUR Quaker insights, news and stories with NYM Quakers!

Ben Pink Dandelion is offering a free online, three-week course on the beginnings of Quakerism. The course starts Oct 3rd but people can enroll at any time. Friends will need to register with Futurelearn (an easy process) which manages the course operation. Register and more information at futurelearn.com/courses/quakers/1

People Camp, a program of Friends for a NonViolent World, founded by Quakers and welcoming all, is a weeklong experience in peacemaking and community living and will be Sunday, August 14 to Saturday, August 20 in Northern Pines, near Park Rapids, MN. All campers help to make camp a safe and supportive place for adults, teens, and children. In the mornings, workshops are offered for adults, while the children’s program offers care, recreation, and educational activities. For more information, go to http://tinyurl.com/jzqqyst.

Earlham School of Religion will offer a leadership conference, Holy Experiments: Risk, Courage and the Entrepreneurial Spirit, August 12-14 for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, ministers (especially non-traditional ones,) business professionals, students, life-long learners, and kindred spirits. More at www.esr.earlham.edu/news-events/events/leaders16

Friends Journal, recently named a 2016 Associated Church Press “Best in Class” magazine, is working to ensure its future by doubling its subscriber base. Make use of the $25 introductory subscription offer (cards on the long table) if you’re not already a subscriber – and get a gift subscription for or invite a friend to try Friends Journal too!


FLOW Northside Arts Crawl: 3 day celebration of Art in North Minneapolis
This Thurs. July 28th, a Block Party on Plymouth Ave. Then preview events, gallery receptions and public performances the evening of Friday, July 29th. Saturday, July 30th along West Broadway from the Mississippi River to Penn. 300 artists of all ages and experience levels at 25 different locations, indoors and out. Nettie and Jim would welcome interested people to come to their house to meet up and go together to parts of this.


Pat Jones’ work week is Wed-Sun. She will be in the office Wed. from 2:00-5:00 and other times Wed, Thurs, Fri. and Sat.

Carolyn VandenDolder, the Administrative Assistant, will be in Wed. afternoon and Fri. Bulletin deadline, noon Thur. Bulletin items can be phoned in to the office, emailed, or written and put in the bulletin file of the blue box.

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