July 3, 2016



10:00 am meeting for worship, unprogrammed.: care of meeting, Tom Ward and Pat Jones

Today’s picnic table conversation at 9:00: “How to Listen for a Leading” with Elizabeth Showalter.

First Sunday Potluck Lunch, 11:15 TODAY, downstairs. All are welcome but it will probably be on the small side as many are getting ready to leave for the Friends General Conference Gathering.

Please submit all announcements for the bulletin. If there are announcements that must be made after meeting, please give them to a person with care of meeting (the role previously known as closer) before meeting begins. The person with care of meeting will make any necessary announcements and direct people to you if they want further information. Please be sensitive to the need Friends might have to leave meeting with the peace and centeredness of worship and/or be released so they might go on to the planned activities of their day.


Meeting Open House, Sunday, July 17, 11-12:30. Welcoming and Outreach Committee has invited our neighbors in Linden Hills. Please invite a friend, family member, or neighbor to come. If weather permits, refreshments, including ice cream, will be served on the front lawn!

Lunch Bunch will gather at 11:45 on the third Thurs of July, the 21st, at Presbyterian Homes, 10030 Newton Ave So. RSVP to Sue by Wed, July 20th. If you are available in the middle of the day, consider coming! It is a great opportunity to deepen relationships with and bring news to those not able to come to worship every Sunday.

Every Sunday in the summer, there will be 9 AM picnic table discussion (inside if raining,) dealing with topics in contemporary Quakerism or Quakers in history. A list of topics is by the bulletins – next week’s topic: reports from the FGC Gathering!

After the second Sunday of June, ten weeks into the Meeting’s fiscal year, total contributions were $13,887. To track with the budget $22,759 would have been needed by then. From a weekly standpoint, we are averaging $1389 per week and we need to average $2276 per week

The use of the microphone in meeting for worship enables vocal ministry to be heard and held by all present. Microphone carriers are needed for a number of worship times this summer. Please consider offering this limited-in-scope but very important service to the Meeting. Sign-up with Joanne, or Carol.

There is a sign up for volunteers to take down and clean up after Sunday coffee hours. On the bulletin table.


Friends General Conference Gathering 2016. Begins this afternoon at St. Benedict College in St. Joseph, MN. Twenty-five or more Minneapolis Friends are attending full or part time.

Local Quakers can attend evening plenary session without registering for the Gathering, as room permits. All evening speaker events begin at 7:00 pm:
Mon. Rex Ambler
Thurs. Nekima Leyy-Pounds
Fri. Peggy Senger Morrison.
See speaker descriptions on the elevator table and online at FGC Gathering site.

Friends are also welcome to peruse the bookstore, work at the local hospitality desk , and view exhibits without registering.

Annie Patterson and Peter Blood will host a release singalong concert for the new Rise Again songbook at Twin Cities Friends Meeting this coming Sat, July 9th, 7 pm. Suggested donation, $20 (more or less, as able). Proceeds split between Annie and Peter and FNVW. Opportunity because they are in the area for FGC.

Earlham School of Religion will offer a leadership conference, Holy Experiments: Risk, Courage and the Entrepreneurial Spirit, August 12-14 for entrepreneurs, intra-preneurs, ministers (especially non-traditional ones,) business professionals, students, life-long learners, and kindred spirits. More at www.esr.earlham.edu/news-events/events/leaders16

Pat Jones will be at the Gathering this week, returning late this coming Saturday. Carolyn VandenDolder will return to office work July 13. Contact David Woolley or Tom Ward in an emergency.

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