June 30, 2012

10:00 AM meeting for worship (multi-generational, semi-programmed): Jane Furnas and Carolyn VandenDolder, speakers; Dave Bostrom, musician; care of meeting, John Cutler


Pat Jones is currently on vacation. David Woolley will be available should Friends need his assistance. He can be contacted through the MFM office phone, leaving a message at 612-926-6159 or through his Meeting email at davidw(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)minneapolisfriends.org .

Minneapolis Friends for Climate Stability will meet on Tues, July 2 at 6:30 p.m. at the meetinghouse. Please come for check-in, talk about politics, and discussion of how to do this work as Quakers. Have ideas or interests about addressing climate change? Or what the meeting needs or could do regarding climate work? Please come and share! And please hold the planet, those working to heal the earth, and those struggling to discern what we can do, in the Light.

Safe bicycling tip for the trails: Always cycle to the right except when passing. As you approach to pass, call in a loud (remember many folks are wearing earbuds) voice, “On your left.” Consider that drivers require a license, cyclists don’t and calling out your intention helps the person in front of you to continue pedalling predictably. Here is another website to help you find your two-wheeled way around: http://cyclopath.org/

Save the dates for Fall Camp! Fall Camp is a Friendly retreat for the entire MFM community – October 19th and 20th – at a new venue for us, Villa Maria Retreat and Conference Center in Frontenac, MN. Camp Committee is already thoughtfully preparing a retreat for all of us to share. Mark your calendars now and plan be a part of it!

NEW White Privilege discussion group forming soon for eight weeks of peer-guided discussion and self-education. Tentatively meeting at Twin Cities Friends Meeting on Mon nights; space limited to 6-8 people – both Friends and non-Friends.

Weeders are needed for the meetinghouse grounds. See or phone Susie to offer help.

Friends are reminded to take garbage and recycling home. There is no garbage or recycling pick-up at the meetinghouse.

Offering boxes are located on small tables near the meetingroom doors. Our approved budget is $115,523 – requiring contributions of $2,221.60 per week. Weekly contribution average for May: $1149.61. Thank you, Friends, for your generous support of the Meeting in all manner of ways.


People Camp 2013 is coming, Sun, Aug 11 – Sat, Aug 17, Northern Pines Camp, near Park Rapids, MN. People Camp, a program of Friends for a Non-Violent World, is an experience of cooperation, community living, and exploration of ideas and issues – for adults, teens, and children. Workshops, children’s program, recreation, education. Years ago many Mpls Friends attended. Want to go again? Or try it for the first time? Registration form and brochure available: fnvw.org . If you have never attended, take a look at the brochure and come this year!

Upcoming weekend workshops at Pendle Hill:

*Thirty Paths to Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit – July 14-18. Stephen Potthoff and Max Muenke will help you explore pathways toward the healing core within.

*Befriending Earth: An Invitation to Earth Literacy – July 14-18.
Rediscover our inherent and essential relationship with Earth.

*Inquirer’s Weekend – July 19-21. Explore the basics of Quaker faith and practice with fellow seekers and seasoned facilitators. Worship, discussion, sharing, questions.

*The Sacred Art of Spiritual Discernment – July 21-25. Learn practices to see yourself, your choices and your calling more clearly. Come away with skills for exercising discernment in your daily life.

The next Every Church a Peace Church potluck will be 6:30, Mon, July 8, at St. Albert the Great Church, 29th Str and 32nd Ave S in Mpls. Kathy Kelly, three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, will speak about the persistent notion that U.S. wars are protecting us from enemies, in her talk, “War Without End and the Courage to Dissent.” Kathy will share her experience of the conditions of people who bear the brunt of U.S. wars and US-supported attacks on civilians.

Our Muslim neighbors are preparing for Ramadan and will host a series of open houses at area mosques. Ramadan is the month in which Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. The fast is embraced to learn compassion, self-restraint and generosity. Each evening the fast is broken with a meal called Iftar. If you would like to participate in an Iftar dinner and conversation, registration is required: mnchurches.org, (click on “Register to Attend Taking Heart Ramadan Dinners”.) Dates: July 10, 14, 18, 22, 24, 25 and August 1.

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has come up with a set of principles about immigration reform called “The New Path”. You can view them at afsc.org/document/new-path-short-version. Consistent with these principles, AFSC and other groups are supporting several opposing many other amendments to the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (S. 744). Help shape the final immigration reform bill that emerges from the Senate. Encourage Sens Klobuchar and Franken to support these principles during debate and in voting.

Shared Security: An Invitation to Re-imagine U.S. Foreign Policy – Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) have been working to start a conversation about what a new, shared national security would look like and require. Your ideas, discernment and development of these ideas are needed to continue shaping the vision and implementing it: sharedsecurity.org.

American Friends Service Committee seeks a Midwest Regional Director, headquartered in Chicago and covering twelve states; one of four regions that together oversee all AFSC activities in the U.S. Submit resume and cover letter by Sun, July 28th. Details posted on the long bulletin board or at: jobs-afsc.icims.com/jobs/1274/regional-director.

Monteverde Friends School, www.mfschool.org, seeks teacher for 7th to 12th grade Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-calculus, and Statistics. Perfect for recent grad (unlicensed) with gift for teaching; for mid-career professional, alone or with family, seeking a year or two in one of the most beautiful places on Earth; or a retired math teacher looking for adventure! Bilingual school; Spanish a plus but not necessary.

Pat Jones is on vacation and expects to return July 13th.
Carolyn Sherer VandenDolder, the Admin Assistant, will be in Wed. afternoon and Fri. Bulletin deadline, noon Thurs. Bulletin items can be phoned in to the office, emailed or written and placed in the bulletin file in the blue box.

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