Minneapolis Friends Meeting

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Minutes for June 9, 2013

Attendance: Ranae Hanson (presiding clerk), Tom Ward (recording clerk), Pat Jones (directory of ministry)

  1. May Minutes APPROVED   The agenda is tight today and the clerk has asked speakers to be brief, sticking to a tight timetable so there will be adequate time for the threshing session on Peace and Social Concerns that will follow the main business.
  2. Monthly Reports
    1. Director of Ministry – Patricia Jones  Pat expressed sincere appreciation for those who took on extra duties during her absence. She encouraged Friends to read the most recent Friends Journal, which included an important article on Quaker testimonies.
    2. Ministry & Counsel – Stephen Snyder standing in for Joanne Esser (full report is in file)  Many in the meeting have on-going pastoral care needs.  When one member of our community is hurting, we all feel the pain in our own ways. Summer meeting schedule – So far, over two Sundays it is going well.  Attendance has been good – over 80. There is appreciation for the willingness of everyone to experiment with the schedule. Fellowship Hour – This is part of the summer schedule and will occur at rise of meeting on the 3rd and 4th Sundays, with the conference room designated for quiet conversation. Observations on Adult Forum on May 19th on What is Worship? – There was good heartfelt sharing about what individuals experience in worship and how they prepare for it. One Friend observed that perhaps this preparation on May 19th helped deepen worship the following weeks. Climate Change Working Group asked M&C to explore ways to help them keep their work spiritually connected to the meeting. Committee of Care for Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship – The intention is to have a committee formed before start of the fall season. Twin Cities Public TV is planning programming on mental health issues called “Make it OK” this fall. They are inviting three representatives from area faith communities to participate on June 27 on ways to connect with community groups. Interested? Contact Pat for details.  Other issues considered by M&C this month: Right Conduct during Meeting for Business, Watson Book Discussion Group, M&C’s relationship to the religious education program in meeting.
  3. Reports
    1.  Clerks’ Meeting (Update) – Ranae Hanson   There was good attendance of committee clerks last week at the clerk’s meeting. The yearly schedule for clerks reporting to monthly meeting on the activities of committees was reviewed and rearranged. Some clarification may be needed as to how subcommittees of Ministry and Counsel are to report their activities, since they do not report directly to monthly meeting. The clerks were asked to start considering the future needs / directions of their committees as we look toward January 2014 when Minneapolis Friends Meeting long range planning will begin in earnest. They were encouraged to participate in the threshing session taking place today.
    2. Property Committee (Annual) – Joseph Flores  (First time reporting as clerk of committee) Accomplishments: new shingle roof with some replacement sheathing, replaced two furnaces in the west furnace room, repaired and painted the pergola over the front walkway, and had a professional assessment of meeting house energy use. Challenges:  frailty of elevator lift which could necessitate future repairs and the ongoing maintenance of three old furnaces that have not been replaced.  Upcoming points of attention: the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, develop a more specific and accurate budget projection, replace rotting timbers on west side of building adjacent to sidewalk.
  4. Follow-up Decisions
    1. Draft Minute on Marriage Equity (held over for July) Friends are asked to review copies which are available
  5. New Business
    1. Exploring Together, Invitation from FGC and FCE to MFM, TCFM, and Minnesota Friends School  A decision on this is requested today. Minneapolis Friends Meeting has been asked to join with Twin Cities Friends Meeting and the Minnesota Friends School on an initiative called “Exploring Together” that is being sponsored by Friends Council on Education (FCE) and Friends General Conference (FGC). This initiative is related to Quaker Quest and will overlap with Quaker Quest (QQ) this fall. FCE and FGC are initiating this program to foster stronger connections between Quaker schools and local Quaker meetings.  They are selecting two schools, one large (not yet named) and one small (Minnesota Friends School).  Twin Cities Friends Meeting would host the project since Minneapolis is hosting Quaker Quest, but the two meetings would work together on “Explore Together”.  Letter from FGC and FCE was read [see attachment 1 for complete letter]    The main activity will be an open house based on QQ model – brief sharing of experiences, small group reflection. A 2013-14 grant covers most of the costs except for food and publicity. Presiding Clerk has indicated MFM is interested in participating, but the Meeting needs to make the decision.  After discussion, Friends APPROVED participating in Exploring Together.
    2.  Seed money request for Quaker Quest (QQ) – David Woolley & Roland Barrett   A request has been received from the Quaker Quest Core Group in our meeting for $3000 to come from the Seed Money Fund to be matched by $3000 obtained from a variety of sources listed below. [See attachment 2 for details] David Wooley gave a brief background on Seed Money Fund which was created when an anonymous gift was received by the meeting a few years ago.  Trustees manage the fund and, currently, there is $10,400 in the fund.  A Friend asked if there was a mechanism to replenish the fund.  A trustee reported that the trustees had agreed that when the money is gone, the fund will be done and no effort will be made to refund it.  Another Friend proffered that what we need is another secret donor. A form has been developed for those requesting matching funds from the Seed Money Fund.  This form was used for the first time by Quaker Quest Core Group.   Friends approved the request from Quaker Quest Core Group for $3,000 from the Minneapolis Friends Meeting Seed Money Fund to cover half the expenses of Quaker Quest.
    3.  Request for Marriage under the Care of the Meeting (celebration of existing marriage) of Michael Reid and Bill Hendricks (letter was read)  Friends were in agreement and with joy and happiness APPROVED the request for the marriage under the care of the Meeting. The couple is referred to the Marriage Preparation Subcommittee to meet and to get to know one another. The marriage is scheduled for Saturday October 26, 2013.

Next Saturday 6/15 230-500P surprise party for Chester and Nancy to celebrate with them as they prepare to move east.

Business Meeting and Threshing Session adjourned at 1:00 PM  [See separate Minutes for Threshing Session]


Attachment 1: Letter from Friends General Conference and Friends Council on Education:

“Friends General Conference and Friends Council on Education are pleased to invite you to participate in a joint pilot project for Quaker meetings and Friends schools that are in a care relationship. The project is called Exploring Together.  This project weaves together Friends Council’s strength in working with schools and FGC’s strength in working with meetings.

The goals of Exploring Together are 1) for Quaker meetings to strengthen ways of welcoming and bringing newcomers into the life of the meeting; 2) for Friends schools to give parents, faculty and staff a chance to explore Quaker experience with people in the meeting; and 3) for the meeting and school to strengthen their relationship.

The basic structure of this project is in two parts: a workshop hosted by the Quaker meeting with several members of the school community involved, and an open house hosted by the Quaker meeting with invitations to all members of the school community.

The open house is based on FGC’s Quaker Quest model for public sessions, adapted for the school community.  The model includes brief personal sharings from selected people in the meeting and in the school community on topics such as Quakers and worship, simplicity, and equality. There will also be time for small group reflection, questions and responses, and worship.

We are offering to guide the meeting and school through this process. Coordination of the pilot project will be implemented by Elaine Crauderueff, the FGC Quaker Quest Coordinator, in close collaboration with staff at FCE. Fortunately, due to a generous grant to FGC from the Shoemaker Fund, we are able to provide skilled leaders for the workshop and support at no charge to the meeting or school, other than costs for food and publicity for the workshop and open house.

We would like to invite Twin Cities and Minneapolis Meetings and Minnesota Friends School to participate as one of two pilot groups for this project in 2013/2014.”

Attachment 2:  Budget for Quaker Quest Seed Money Matching Fund

PROMOTION COSTS:  Posters                                      200

Flyers                                                  600

Banner                                                400

MN public radio sponsor day                500

Radio spots                                               1000

     Print ads                                              1700

Total Promotion Costs              $4400

MEETING COSTS: September half-day Session

FGC Attendance Cost                          500

         Food & Supplies                                  300

Oct & Nov Sessions (6)

Food & Supplies                                  450

Daycare                                                350

Total Meeting Costs                                        $1600

Total Quaker Quest Budget                            $6000


MFM meeting budgeted funds (2012 & 2103)            700

MFM Seed Fund Grant                                                  3000

Sponsors (MFM member contributions)                   1000

Northern Yearly Meeting Grant                                    300

FGC Matching Grant                                                     1000

TOTAL FUNDING                                     $6000


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