June 9, 2013

10:00 AM meeting for worship (semi-programmed): Jeannette Raymond, speaker; Kathy Webster, musician; John Cutler and Carolyn VandenDolder care of meeting

11:00 AM worship with attention to business: Ranae Hanson, clerk; Tom Ward, recording clerk

11:30 AM business meeting’s threshing session on MFM Peace and Social Concerns – Friends are encouraged to attend!


Friends are reminded that meeting for worship begins when the first Friend enters the room and sits down. Enter the meetingroom quietly and refrain from loud conversation in the hallways outside the meetingroom until after worship. Thank thee kindly!


Friends are reminded to take garbage and recycling home. There is no garbage or recycling pick-up at the meetinghouse.

You are welcome at the worship in Bloomington this Tues night, June 11th, 7:00 at the home of Louise. Please come to this small, 45-minute open worship.

Weeders are needed for the meetinghouse grounds. See or phone Susie to offer help.

Save the dates for Fall Camp! Fall Camp is a Friendly retreat for the entire MFM community. This year it will be October 19th and 20th, at a new venue for us, Villa Maria Retreat and Conference Center in Frontenac, MN. The Camp Committee is already thoughtfully preparing a retreat for all of us to share. Mark your calendars now and plan be a part of it!

Friends who bicycle, or aspire to do so more than currently, might benefit from this website: bikeeverywhere.com/
Stay tuned for more cycling tips this summer and a bicycle fun ride after worship in July.

Offering boxes are located on small tables near the meetingroom doors. Our approved budget is $115,523 – requiring contributions of $2,221.60 per week. Weekly contribution average for May: $1149.61. Thank you, Friends, for your generous support of the Meeting in all manner of ways.


FNVW is seeking a new AVP Coordinator. Interested in applying? Email your resume to avpjenn(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)gmail.com by June 12th.

Villa Maria Retreat Center in Frontenac MN is hosting a Summer Solstice celebration! Come for a campfire, s’mores, drumming, nature and poetry reading, dancing and soaking in the summer night air! The celebration starts at 8 PM on June 21st, but come early and stay overnight at the special solstice rate of $25 per room. No cost for the event – to RSVP, phone or email Linda Harding at the Villa 651-345-4582 / info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)villamariaretreats.org .

The International Friends Church invites you to meet Jesus in the park! June 23red, 1-4:00 PM, in Oakgrove Park, Brooklyn Park. There will be food! (donations to cover costs appreciated.)

Upcoming weekend workshops at Pendle Hill:

*Life in the Seed: Isaac Penington’s Spiritual Journey and Counsel – June 21-23. Go with Penington from radical Puritan to Seeker to near-Ranter and finally to Friends where he became the most eloquent spiritual writer of the first Quaker generation;

*Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography – July 7-11. Using evocative exercises and group sharing in a nurturing setting, remember and write about meaningful parts of your life’s journey.

*Thirty Paths to Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit – July 14-18. Stephen Potthoff and Max Muenke will help you explore pathways toward the healing core within.

*Befriending Earth: An Invitation to Earth Literacy – July 14-18. Rediscover our inherent and essential relationship with Earth.

*Inquirer’s Weekend – July 19-21. Explore the basics of Quaker faith and practice with fellow seekers and seasoned facilitators. Worship, discussion, sharing, questions.

*The Sacred Art of Spiritual Discernment – July 21-25. Learn practices to see yourself, your choices and your calling more clearly. Come away with skills for exercising discernment in your daily life.

Twin Cities Public Television with Health Partners and the National Alliance on Mental Illness is working on a year-long project entitled “Make It OK” involving at least five broadcasts, October 2013 – July 2014. TPT is inviting as many as three MFM representatives to participate in a preliminary discussion about the project Thurs, June 27 from 8:30 am-noon Twin Cities Public Television, 172 East Fourth Street, St. Paul, MN 55101. If you are interested in participating in the discussion, tell Pat by Friday and email your RSVP to Lauren Skalicky / lskalicky(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)bethlehem-church.org by June 14.

Be a Squeaky Wheel for Peace – Friends Committee on National Legislation: Members of Congress are hearing a lot from Pentagon contractors right now. But congressional staff tell us they’re not hearing enough from other people who are seeing — and in some cases feeling — the effects of deep cuts to human needs programs. The decisions Congress is making over the next few months will impact not just spending for next year, but spending for the next 10 years. Urge your senators to cut the Pentagon, not programs people rely on. Send a new message each day. Remind them that the federal government could buy a home for every homeless veteran in the US with the amount of money that Lockheed -Martin receives in just one year. You can find more of these comparisons at: fcnl.org/issues/budget/shareable_images/ Letter tips and examples of letters can be found at: capwiz.com/fconl/issues/alert/?alertid=62688241. A fact sheet about the effects of the sequester in MN can be found at chn.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/MN_sheet.pdf.


Pat Jones is out of the office until Thurs afternoon then will be in the office on Thurs, Fri and Sunday.

Carolyn Sherer VandenDolder, the Admin Assistant, will be in Wed. afternoon and Fri. Bulletin deadline, noon Thurs. Bulletin items can be phoned in to the office, emailed or written and placed in the bulletin file in the blue box.

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