Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, February 10, 2013

Attenders:  [Names redacted in posted copy]

1. Approve January Minutes
January minutes were APPROVED.
2. Monthly Reports
Director of Ministry – by Pat Jones.  Due to illness, Pat did not report today.
Ministry & Counsel – by Tom Wells.  A written report was submitted; please see attached.  The committee discussed the scheduling of the preparatory meeting preceding Quaker Quest.  The committee prefers  Sunday, Sept. 8, with the Quaker Quest activities replacing the entire usual worship schedule.  A five- hour time commitment is needed.  This will be decided next month.  A large poster was displayed outlining the Quaker Quest proposal. (Photo attached.)
The committee will hold its March meeting on Feb. 28, so that members can attend the  celebration of Nancy Peterson’s and Judith James’ new book on March 7.
A change in meeting worship schedule was proposed for the summer.  A written proposal was submitted; please see attached.  M&C supports the Summer 2013 worship schedule experiment and would like this to be decided by Monthly Meeting on March 10th.
The committee briefly reviewed the January retreat and determined that its next Meeting (Feb. 28th) would be dedicated to this topic.
Quaker Quest emphasizes building unity and community.  A Friend requested some explanation of this in the bulletin.  Unifying the meeting’s worship into a single meeting for worship was found to be an exciting proposal by some Friends.  A Friend asked that unity/community among children be considered as well, and provision be made to take them to the park, for example, during worship.  Other questions asked were, “What do we do when someone stops attending?  What do we do when people sign the guest register?”
3. Annual Reports
FNVW Holiday Fair ― Rae Cornelius.  Rae thanked everyone in Meeting for their donations of time and money.  FNVW made around $11,000.  Attendance was low, but people spent a lot.  Next year the timing will be back to normal, the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Rae’s goals were 1) make more money,  2) have more fun  3) work less.  About half the attenders were regulars.  The rest were friends, neighbors and people who responded to advertising.  Next year a take-out form for meals will be available.  Crafts will be emphasized more, since we get 100% of the money received for craft items.  The goal for next year is $12,000.  We brought in $1,500 more to vendors.  Volunteer hours are great; we should make more profit.  Dinner reservations will be offered downstairs where professional musicians will perform.  Dan Newton has volunteered to play downstairs; Dean Magraw has been approached.  Vendors say our sale is unique.  We have higher quality goods, and the very welcoming, fun, atmosphere is unique.   A contest is being held to come up with a new name for the event, instead of “FNVW Holiday Fair.”   The name would communicate how special this event is.  The winner would get dinner for two.  A Friend suggested that someone plan a series of Facebook posts to facilitate sending information to others about the sale.  A Friend thanked Rae for her work and enthusiasm.  One way people can participate is through the “bidding for good” website.  Also people could donate antiques.  Another Friend suggested serving a special meal as a fundraiser.
Quarterly Report, Stewardship ― Suzanne Ferguson.  A written report was submitted; please see attached.  We are very near where we were last year at this time, although a little behind.  A letter will be sent out to encourage members to help make up the amount that is lacking.  A Friend suggested a letter to those who use automated donations through their bank/credit union, to consider increasing their amount.
Preliminary Report, Nominating Committee ― Tom Ward.  A written report was submitted; please see attached.  The report is to be considered for approval next month.  Nominating Committee is concerned that people may burn themselves out; we tend to lean heavily on some people.  The structure of Peace & Social Concerns has continued to be somewhat unsettled.  The convener is stepping down due to a change in his work schedule.  The Youth Coordinator position is proposed to be laid down due to lack of need.  Friends APPROVED laying down the Youth Coordinator position.
The Presiding clerk appoints members of Nominating Committee.  Camp, Property and Social Committees still need members.  A Friend suggested that new attenders might find Social Committee a good means of getting to know people.  A Friend asked whether combining Child Welfare, Religious Education and Nursery Committees has been considered.  The answer is yes.  A Friend noted that the Shepherd Scholarship Committee is not subject to the Nominating Committee process.
Report on Annual Review Process, Liaison and Review ― Gayle McJunkin.  A report on the annual review of the Director of Ministry is to be given at the April meeting.  Following Quaker Quest the meeting will be considering mid-range planning changes in job descriptions.  Liaison and Review is preparing for the annual review of our Director of Ministry, Patricia Jones. Comments, suggestions or observations about Pat’s ministry may be shared with the members of the Liaison and Review Committee: Gayle McJunkin [phone number]; Tom Wells [phone number]; Ranae Hanson [phone number] or Barbara Ziegenhagen [phone number]. Please make comments by Feb 27.
4. New Business
Marriage under Care of Meeting Request ― Zach White.  The marriage clearness committee met twice with Kyle Johnson and Heather Kerestes. The committee wholeheartedly recommends that Meeting take this marriage under its care.  Friends APPROVED.  The marriage ceremony is planned for Saturday, March 23, at 1 p.m.
After Meeting series on climate and community ― Clerk read a report by Mary Jean Port.  A Google Group has been formed for meeting members who wish to participate in a conversation on climate change.  On Sunday, February 24, Terry Hokenson will talk about his trip to Washington, D.C. for the rally calling for action on climate change and stopping the Keystone pipeline project.  On Sunday, March 24, Tom Ward will talk about his experience volunteering in areas hit by Hurricane Sandy.   April 28 Fred Harding will speak about frack sand mining in western Wisconsin.
Appointment of Meeting representative to the D.C. climate rally – Ranae Hanson.  Friends APPROVED the appointment of Terry Hokenson to represent Meeting at the February 17 rally in Washington, D.C. to call for action on climate change.  A Friend suggested that the clerk write a minute to be sent with Terry, and the clerk agreed.
5. Follow-up Issues
Quaker Quest Update ― Sandy Olson.  A written report was submitted; please see attached.  Sandy displayed a poster with planned structure.  In order to use the Quaker Quest name, we must do paid advertising of the sessions.  A Friend thanked Sandy for the clarity of her presentation.
Communication of Minutes to Committees ― Ranae Hanson and Terry Hokenson.  Terry now sends early draft of minutes to all committee clerks.
6. Communications and Announcements
Cannon Valley Friends, with decision about proceeding ― Pat Jones.  Clerk read greetings from Cannon Valley Friends, from Betsy Lane-Getaz.  See attached.  They desire to make known the existence of a Quaker presence in Cannon Valley, and plan to build a meetinghouse.  See online: www.cannonvalleyfriends.org.   Anders Matney is the architect who has designed the new structure.  Clerk asked whether Friends have any response.  Friends suggested putting a notice of a donation opportunity in the bulletin and sending Betsy a copy.  Meeting will consider a contribution, and Clerk will write a letter to Betsy.
Forming NYM Quarterly Meeting ― Ranae Hanson.  The NYM Executive Committee is to be renamed (see NYM News front page).  Interim NYM meetings are beginning, two per year, of the whole NYM.  Clerk spoke with Cynthia Bartoo, who is liaison to NYM for MFM and TCFM, about the potential to have quarterly meetings, a different concept.  Quarterly meetings would be more regional within NYM; they would be a geographical variation.  Friends are asked to think about this idea.
United Theological Seminary – UTS will hold a one-day experiential class on Deepening the Spiritual Life of a Congregation.

Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.

Ministry and Counsel report
Proposal to change worship schedule for summer 2013
Quarterly Stewardship report
Preliminary Nominating Committee report
Quaker Quest update
Letter from Cannon Valley Friends

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