Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, January 13, 2013

Attenders:  [Names redacted for posted copy]

Clerk read a passage from Thich Nhat Hanh’s A Love Letter to the Planet

1. Approve December Minutes
December minutes were APPROVED.
2. Monthly Reports
Director of Ministry – by Pat Jones.
+  Pat proposed a tour of attenders to be conducted to view the location of fire extinguishers.  A Friend with emergency responder experience gave information about the use of fire extinguishers and the procedure to follow.  Call 911 first; only then try to put the fire out.  The acronym “RACE” was explained by another Friend with emergency responder experience; it stands for Rescue, Alarm, Confine, Evacuate and/or Extinguish.  Rescue: remove those in immediate danger.  Alarm: call 911 and alert others in the building.  Confine: Close doors in area of fire.  Evacuate and/or Extinguish: get people out of the building and use fire extinguishers or other means to control the fire if appropriate.
+  Pat reminded attenders that a Remembrance Meal will be held next Sunday, January 20 after semi-programmed worship.  An RSVP would be appreciated from those planning to attend.
+ An RSVP is also requested for a retreat of several committees, including M&C, Religious Ed, Worship Planning, and Quaker Quest.
Ministry & Counsel – Pat Jones reported that concerns of individuals were considered and planning was done for the retreat.  What it means to hold someone in the Light will be contemplated at an Adult Forum next week.

3. New Business
Fall Camp Location ― Ed Souther – Villa Maria is being considered as a new venue.  Ed handed out a sheet comparing Camp Courage and Villa Maria; see attached.  Discussion ensued.  Camp Committee was given direction to proceed with plans to hold Fall Camp at Villa Maria this year.
Adult Program Committee ― Mary Jean Port.  A written report was submitted; please see attached.  Mary Jean acknowledged Sandy Olson’s work leading the committee.  She spoke about the new format showing the “pattern” of upcoming programs.  January 27 and March 24  all committees able to do so are invited to hold meetings.  Mary Jean spoke of the process for getting events scheduled for Adult Forum time.  Contact the committee directly if you have a proposal.  (See list of members at top of the attached sheet.)
Mary Jean commented that she had been on another committee that had struggled with the processes of adult program in the past, and the struggle had resulted in misunderstandings and hurt feelings. She said it has been illuminating to see that old conflict anew from the other side, as she now finds herself clerking adult program committee.
Communication of minutes – Clerk discussed how draft minutes are distributed presently and concerns with getting them to clerks of committees affected by decisions.  Clerk proposed to send rough draft minutes as soon as possible after meeting to all committee clerks and to tell them why they’re getting them.   Another Friend proposed making draft minutes available to all, pointing out that formerly minutes were read back during meeting and approved at that time.  Clerk stated she, recording clerk and (a few others) would discuss and report how to facilitate this process.
4. Communications and Announcements
+ Minnesota Council of Churches is offering a pledge form to pray for Congress’s “better angels,” that the members be more collegial.  See attached.
+ Clerk of Clearwater Friends meeting Michael Flanery emailed us to compliment our web site.  See attached.
+ Northern Yearly Meeting treasurer Jim Crawford wrote to thank meeting for our 2012 contribution and suggested we budget $55 per adult member for 2013.  See attached.
+ We have received information from the Clarence and Lilly Picket Endowment for Quaker Leadership regarding grants available, with special attention to young Quakers.  The brochure was set out for review by Friends.
+ The clerk brought up the question of whether someone from Meeting would be able to go to the Presidents’ Day rally in Washington, D.C. to urge action on climate issues and whether this should be sponsored in some way by the Meeting.  The sense of the meeting was general support for someone to represent the Meeting at the rally.
Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.

Fall Camp relocation materials
Adult Program Committee Pattern of Programs
Minnesota Council of Churches pledge form to pray for Congress
Clearwater Friends Meeting email
NYM treasurer’s letter of thanks and request

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