Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, October 14, 2012

Attenders:  [Names redacted for posted copy]

Clerk read a query from John Woolman.

1. Approve September Minutes
September minutes were APPROVED.
2. Monthly Reports
Director of Ministry – by Pat Jones.
+  Pat commented about people in meeting who are having difficulties, including those with health and medical issues, and those with ongoing economic security concerns.
+  Friends are invited to join FCNL at the Quaker Public Policy Institute and Lobby Day and be part of a contingent of Friends who will be in Washington November 15 and 16 to support Pentagon budget cuts.
+ Kate Gould, Middle East specialist for FCNL, will appear with Keith Ellison and others.  See attached flyer.
+ An audio recording of Noah Baker Merrill’s talk is on the meeting web site.
+ The volunteer coordinators have produced a list of opportunities for service.
+ Fall Camp—a word-of-mouth campaign last year resulted in increase attendance.
+ Repair and painting of the pergola has been completed.  Roland Barrett, Ed Souther worked on it and many members helped paint.
+ Thanks to Jim Haefemeyer for working on the furnace situation.
+ Regarding the two properties to the south of the meetinghouse, the near one is sold.  The other may be sold too.
+ Allen Gibas went to the ER Thursday and was admitted to the hospital.  He had some tests, and in the end concerns were allayed.
+ An invitation to join a Chain of Prayer was received from FUM.  Pat passed it around.
+ Newer people should know it’s OK to go to part of Fall Camp if you can’t make it to all of it.
Ministry & Counsel – by Stephen Snyder.  Stephen submitted a written report; see attached.  +  The committee met October 4 with 9 members.
3. Other Reports
Loaves and Fishes – annual report by Ann Luce.  Loaves and Fishes has been going well.  Between 200 and 300 guests are served each time.  We work with TCFM and other meetings in the area.  Ann, helped much by Sue Kearns, has committed to coordinate for another year.  Each time 15-20 volunteers are needed, so volunteers from meeting are valued.  We have been getting 10 to 12.  October 29 is the next date.  A Friend asked if there is money in the meeting’s budget to buy fresh fruit.  Ann replied that sometimes volunteers bring fruit, but we like to provide a piece to each guest.
Child Welfare – by Lolly Lijewski.  Held over until next month.
Metro Friends – annual report by Nancy Helfrich.  A written report was submitted; please see attached.  A Friend asked whether the activities of Metro Friends are announced on the web site.  Nancy said yes, that Pat Jones is doing this.  Around 50 people generally attend the activities.  A Friend thanked Nancy and others on the committee for fresh energy and vision.  Attenders applauded.  Another Friend thanked the committee for “wonderful work.”
4. New business
White Envelope Gift ad hoc committee ― Clerk said we need to constitute this committee and asked for volunteers.  Judith James, Carolyn VandenDolder, and Barbara Ziegenhagen volunteered.
Meetinghouse maintenance ― Stewardship Committee.  Jim Haefemeyer reported that two of our furnaces have been “red tagged.”  New furnaces will be installed, along with a heat exchanger for ventilation.  The cost is expected to be about $14,000.  Eventually the other three furnaces and carpet replacement will be coming up.  A Friend thanked Jim.  A Friend asked about the timing of the work.  Jim said the furnace work should start within a couple of weeks.
5. Follow up issues
Hosting Northern Yearly Meeting Executive Committee meeting Nov. 16 and 17 ― coordinated by Carolyn VandenDolder, Betsy Souther, and Suzanne Ferguson. Carolyn reported that so far need has been expressed for only five beds.  About 40 people are expected to participate in the meeting.  Several people are offering beds.  Others are providing food.  Friends are invited to come to lunch on Saturday, Nov. 16.
Love Free or Die – Lin Butler’s counterpart at Mayim Rabim, Patty Diamond, sent a message that volunteers are needed for the screening of the film.  See attached.  Clerk read the message aloud.  Volunteers should contact Lin Butler if they want to help.
Communications and Announcements
+ Fall Camp ― announcement by Clifford Goltz.  Clifford averred it should be fun.
+ Northern Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice Chapter on the Testimony of Community ― Clerk read a letter from the NYM Faith and Practice committee.  See the NYM web site to read the proposed chapter.  Clerk asked for volunteers to read and respond to the draft chapter.  Pat suggested a corporate review, that a group meet and advertise the meeting.  It was decided to email the chapter to the meeting list, that copies would be made available at Fall Camp and next meeting, and that we read the chapter individually as well.  Comments are to be sent to Kathy White.  Various means for discussing and responding were discussed.

Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.
Ministry & Counsel report
Metro Friends Coordinating Committee annual report
Love Free or Die, Patty Diamond email
Kate Gould, FCNL Middle East specialist, event flyer

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