Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, September 9, 2012

Attenders:  [Names redacted for posted copy]

The Clerk read some words of Walt Whitman.

1. Approve August Minutes
August minutes were APPROVED.  Comments prior to approval clarified that a draft to be considered for approval shall be sent to members on the attendance list.
2. Monthly Reports
Director of Ministry – Pat Jones reported.
+  Regarding the Fall schedule, probably some new families will be coming.  People are encouraged to attend to them. We’re going to experiment with singing a blessing before children leave the meeting room for firstday school, and consider using it each week.
+  Both properties to south of meetinghouse are for sale.  In the case of the second house, the plan is to demolish it and build new.  It is doubtful the meeting itself can afford to do this.  The cost will probably be a million dollars.  The opportunity for meeting is to use the lots for a parking lot.  It would have to be done by some individuals.  Perhaps it will not be possible, but the parking would make the meetinghouse a more accessible place.  One Friend asked, as to the parking lot issue, what does it mean to drive your car to church now in this time of global warming?  Several Friends objected to use of the lots for parking.  It was pointed out that this parking would benefit members who have mobility issues and the neighborhood which is impacted by our parking.  Pat suggested a called meeting in the very unlikely event that the purchase became possible.  Pat asked Gayle McJunkin for her reading of this situation, since it is her professional area.  Gayle said there are such things as single purpose gifts.  Another Friend suggested one larger house on the two lots with tuck-under parking.
+  Regarding the Noah Baker Merrill visit, Pat strongly encourages everyone to attend.  Steve Snyder seconded Pat.  Steve and Mary heard him in Kenya and found him to be one of the most inspiring speakers they’d ever heard.  There will be child care.  It is very odd to have such an event on a Monday night…  Members are invited to make phone calls to others, to offer encouragement and rides.  The meeting’s youth web site on Facebook was wiped out; this was a tool that might have been used to encourage young people to attend, so others are encouraged to use their imaginations to connect with young adults.  A Friend asked if the talk could be recorded.  David Woolley said he would handle an audio recording.
Ministry & Counsel – the report was given by Pat.
+  M&C talked about the upcoming visit of Robin Mohr and Noah Baker Merrill.
+ A member clearness committee has met.
+ The online Caring Bridge planner is being used for a member.  Judith James initiated use of the support planner for Annette Smith.  It appears to be working extremely well.  For example, it may give five dates when rides are needed, and visitors are able to sort out times when they can give rides.  Judith said it eliminates calling and asking for help, which can be very wearing and time consuming.  Also people don’t have to say “no” when they are unable to help at a particular time.
+ Many things are going on with members and attenders.  A serious fire at a member’s home, a car accident, the need for jobs, desperate financial outlooks, and deaths of pets.
+ The committee is looking at where we use queries and where we could use them more.
+ The committee is considering how to handle requests from prisoners for correspondence.  There is a very good Quaker pamphlet.  A committee may be set up.
+ M&C is considering use of a “ride-needed” card for members/attenders who often need rides.
3. Other Reports
Annual Report, Shepherd Scholarship – by Allen Gibas.  A written report was submitted; see attached.  July 1 is the date of the report.  UBS investment report.  A written report was submitted; please see attached.   Four grants were made in 2012, totaling $2,000.00.  Grants made from the fund since its inception total $199,714.25.
Annual Report, Social Committee – given by Diane Barrett.  A report written by Annamary Herther was submitted; see attached.  Members of the committee are named in the report.  The clerk noted the look of thanks in peoples’ faces.
Annual Report, Youth – comment by Chester McCoy.  There are no youth, therefore no activities, and no report.  A Friend noted we do have Mac White Ferguson.
Memorial minutes – by Pat Jones.  Pat checked on the memorial minute Linda Coffin drafted for Cynthia.  It was approved in August 2011.  Zach White read the proposed minute for Shirley Magraw.  It was written by Dick Magraw.  Pat noted a wish to add words about Shirley’s desire to put the needs of children first if financial limitations should occur.  Shirley also helped raise awareness of needs of hearing impaired people.  Dick agreed a sentence could be added noting these things.  With that addition, the minute was APPROVED.  Meeting will submit the memorial minute to Friends Journal, said Pat.
Welcoming Committee, Quaker Quest – by Sandy Olson.  Sandy’s written report was submitted; please see attached.
Peace and Social Concerns – by Phil Simard.  Phil submitted his handwritten report; please see attached.
4. Follow up issues
Hosting Northern Yearly Meeting Executive Committee Meeting, Nov. 16 and 17  —  Several Friends volunteered to organize for this meeting.  Members are invited to attend.
The film Love Free or Die – by Lin Butler.  The film will be shown by this meeting in cooperation with Mayim Rabim on Saturday evening, October 27.  The larger community will also be invited.  Receptions will be held before and after the movie with information tables about both of our congregations and about the marriage amendment.  Lin is working with Patty Diamond at Mayim Rabim.  A trailer for the movie may be viewed at http://www.groundswell-movement.org/home/campaigns-2/love-free-or-die/.  Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson is the subject of the film.  A Friend reminded us of the marriage amendment conversation training here on Wednesday, sponsored by FNVW and our committee.
5. Communications and Announcements
+ Mary Jean Port noted that on this day 12 years ago she and John Stuart were married under care of the meeting.
+ Lin Butler noted that he has been hired as chaplain at Heartland Hospice.
+ A correspondent from this meeting is sought by prisoner Michael McKinney.  No action was taken.
+ On September 17 at Friends School of Minnesota, David Sobel will speak about place-based education.
+ On September 21  a UN International Day of Peace Celebration will be held at Friends School of Minnesota.
+ Pat read an announcement regarding Mac and Margaret McCutcheon of Cannon Valley Meeting.  Margaret Louise Mead McCutchan, 90, of Northfield, died on August 30.  A memorial service for Margaret will be held next Sunday at White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church, 328 Maple Street, Mahtomedi.
+ Letters and notes of thanks for contributions from this meeting were received from Center for Conscience and War, Friends for a Non-Violent World, Quaker Earthcare Witness, Quaker House, Friends General Conference, Right Sharing of World Resources, Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches, Joint Religious Legislative Coalition, Earlham School of Religion, Friends World Committee for Consultation, Friends Committee on National Legislation, Friends School of Minnesota, American Friends Service Committee.
+ Minneapolis Bike Tour will be next Sunday.
+ Sandy Olson pointed out the Adult Program schedule for the coming school year.  See attached.

Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.


Shepherd Scholarship Committee annual report
Social Committee annual report
Memorial minute for Shirley Shannon Magraw
Welcoming/Quaker Quest Committee annual report
Peace and Social Concerns annual report
Letter from Michael McKinney
Friends School of Minnesota events
Letters and Notes of thanks for contributions (see hardcopy file)
Adult Program schedule

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