Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, June 10, 2012

Attenders:  [Names redacted for online version]

1. Approve May Minutes
May minutes were APPROVED.  Correction: Mary Gochnauer is one of the volunteer coordinators.  She is not on Ministry & Counsel.
2. Monthly Reports
Director of Ministry – Pat Jones reported.  +Ron Mattson died; he was Ministering Secretary at this meeting between 1968 and 1973.  He had a network of Friends and friends all over the world.  A memorial service will be held June 24 here at the meetinghouse.  He traveled the world with FWCC.  An obituary will appear in the Star Tribune next Sunday.  Friends observed a minute of silence.  + Tom Ward will be here this week; John Stuart and Connie Jacobs will also be available while Pat is up north this week through Friday.  + Some Friends are occasionally visiting the International Friends Church, the Kenyan Friends church, including David Woolley, Jim Lovestar, and others.  A number of Friends visited Phena Shimaka’s farm for a work weekend.  + Terry Kayser attended the 2012 AVP-USA annual gathering n New Winsdor, MD over the Memorial Day weekend.  It was the 10th consecutive annual gathering he has attended.  Terry brought back a 15 minute AVP video that promotes the program and would like to show it at an adult forum in fall.  + Pat attended a clergy conference related to United for All Families.  Pat reports that our meeting is not totally united; one Friend feels human rights should never be subject to popular opinion.  An email conversation about this is available for interested Friends to read.
Ministry & Counsel – report by Tom Wells.  A written report was submitted; see attached.  Mayim Rabim has invited us to sponsor the film “Love Free or Die,” about the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, Gene Robinson.  Friends’ approval is sought for this undertaking:  Friends APPROVED.  Lin Butler volunteered to be our contact person to work with Mayim Rabim.   A Friend identified the marriage amendment issue as one that is a human rights issue that transcends “partisan politics.”  A cost of up to $300 is anticipated but will be covered by free will contributions.  + Summertime monthly meeting time was discussed.  It has been proposed that we consider for next summer holding one meeting for worship each Sunday, alternating between unprogrammed and semi-programmed.  Discussion will continue.
3. Other Reports
Memorial Minute for George Watson – held over until next month.
Shepherd Scholarship – Annual report by Allen Gibas to be given in July.
Northern Yearly Meeting – Annual reports by attenders.  Attenders included John Kraft, Annette Smith, Jim Lovestar, Carolyn VandenDolder, [more].  John said he facilitated a group of young people and wasn’t able to attend business meetings.  The theme was “Being salt and light to heal a broken world.”  Gender identity issues were discussed as they arise around the Quaker world.   Carolyn was also facilitator of a high school group.
Adult Program – Annual report by Judith James and Sandy Olson.  A written report was submitted by Judith.  Judith is outgoing clerk of Adult Program committee.  Sandy is the new co-clerk with Mary Jean Port.  Written lists were distributed, one of adult programs by category and the other of programs by date.  (See attached.)  Sandy  reviewed presentations in the past year and invited proposals for themes for future adult program hours.  One Friend said Adult Program should not be anxious about speaking to everyone; it is better to have a free and easy approach.  John Stuart said he’d like to see more Peace & Social Concerns programs.  He suggested tikkun olam (healing the world), poverty, housing, health care.  Pat would like some open meetings about peace and social concerns with discussion of how people can become involved as a meeting, as Quakers.  Another Friend feels called to do more as individual.  She is interested in a different time slot to see movies, documentaries; e.g., one Friday a month.  Another Friend said that it would be good to have a theme of who we are as a meeting, threshing, for example, where we stand  around issues like same sex marriage.  Friend commented that he is still trying to figure out what being a Quaker is and suggested testimonies as a structure.  A Friend asked how we meet the spiritual needs of our members.
Volunteer Coordinators – Initial report by Barbara Mohr and Mary Gochnauer.  A written report was submitted; see attached.  Lynn Patricia is also a volunteer coordinator.  The coordinators met April 24 with the goal of working out what needs the committees have for volunteers.  The coordinators ask that requests for volunteers come through the committees.   Mary and Barbara have talked to all the committee clerks.  Barbara noted a number of needs for volunteers, including someone to serve as a junior high firstday school teacher.  Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis for a number of tasks, such as at potlucks.  Worship Planning needs people on an ongoing basis to pass the microphone; musicians are also needed.  Planned speakers are needed for semi-programmed meeting.  It has been difficult for Nominating Committee to fill all slots in committees, so volunteers continue to be needed.
Mary talked about other committees.  Peace & Social Concerns has needs that arise in relation to special events or projects.  Adult Program needs hosts to provide coffee. Property Committee needs volunteers to get the pergola scraped and painted, wash windows, clean kitchen walls.  Barbara invited Jim and other clerks to email her their lists of needs.  Mary said greeters are needed to greet visitors.  The Volunteer Coordinators will assist when drivers for attenders who need transportation are found.  Friend thanked Sue Murray for coordinating volunteers for a stretch of time some years ago.
4. Follow up Issues
a.    Contribution to Center for Conscience and War – presented by Allen Gibas.  One of the organizations meeting long budgeted for was the Central Committee for Conscientious Objection (CCCO).  It had been recognized as the preeminent organization in its field.  The other was NISBCO, National Interreligious Service Board of Conscientious Objectors.   CCCO fell on hard financial times and went out of business.  NISBCO changed its name to Center for Conscience and War (CCW).  It is proposed to budget support for CCW.  John Kraft said we approved this last year.  Amount is $100.  Friends APPROVED.

b.    Adjustments to next year’s budget for income – presented by Suzanne Ferguson.  This will be held over until the end of first quarter.

c.    Further consideration of banners for the meetinghouse:  Friend questioned wisdom of putting up the banner that was approved at May meeting.  Clerk stated that the discussion was thoughtful, not hasty, and the matter was decided last month.

5. Communications and Announcements
a.    Northern Spirit Radio – matter held over until July meeting.

Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.

Ministry & Counsel monthly report
Adult Programs  report
Volunteer Coordinators report

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