Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, May 13, 2012

1. Approve April Minutes
April minutes were APPROVED with correction APPROVED that Friends decided not to allow the meeting directory to be used by outside groups.

2. Monthly Reports
Director of Ministry – No report was scheduled; Pat Jones is on vacation.

Ministry & Counsel – Tom Wells reported. He submitted a written report; see attached. FNVW flyers concerning a Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project (Mn ASAP) event at which Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer will speak on June 7 were distributed. Please see attached. Requests for clearness committees were received. A Friend inquired what relationship has been established with True Vine Church. Tom replied that the goal was to receive some feedback from a religious community that is dealing with job loss. The Friend also asked about approaching Kwanzaa. The pastor of True Vine said he’d call to reschedule, so M&C will wait for that before pursuing other options.

Matters that would have been addressed by Director of Ministry 1) Is there a memorial minute for Shirley Magraw? Clerk stated she would undertake the task of securing one. 2) Meeting APPROVED posting our memorial minutes on the Northern Yearly Meeting bulletin board at sessions.

3. Other Reports
Property Committee — Annual report by Jim Haefemeyer. Jim submitted a written report; see attached.

Stewardship Committee — Annual report by Suzanne Ferguson. Suzanne submitted a written report; see attached. An organization supporting conscientious objection that we were funding, NISBCO, no longer exists. A new organization, Center on Conscience and War, was substituted. Clerk asked Friends to develop the issue in committee and return to Meeting for Business later. The question was raised as to where funds to make up the shortfall should be taken from.  A Friend stated we could reduce our contribution to the Mission Service Fund, but Stewardship Committee recommended that the shortfall be taken from reserve funds. Friends APPROVED this recommendation. Friends also APPROVED the suggestion that the committee look at budget reductions next year, given that we are likely to have another budget shortfall.

4. Peace and Social Concerns
a. War Resolution – report by Roland Barrett. A written resolution under the heading Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project (MnASAP) was submitted; see attached. Roland read the resolution. It has been approved by 20 or 30 organizations. The committee asks endorsement/approval by MFM. Other Quaker meetings have approved it. Friends APPROVED endorsing the resolution.

b. Banner about Marriage Amendment – report by John Stuart. A written minute concerning the banner from P&SC meeting of April 22 was submitted in notes of their meeting. This minute describes the banner, which is to say, “Quakers for Marriage Equality.” Friends wrestled with pro and con feelings, concern for those with conflicts, and complexity of the issue. Meeting for business was adjourned until after semi-programmed meeting for worship.

Meeting for Worship with attention to Business was resumed at noon. Ranae Hanson presiding, Kate Coon recording.

(i) During continued discussion of the proposed banner stating Quaker preference for marriage equality, Clerk stated several options:

o Approve a banner, “Quakers for Marriage Equality,” as proposed by the Peace and Social Concerns Committee
o Approve two banners, “Quakers for Marriage Equality” and “Friends for Equality since 1652”
o Carry the decision over to next month’s meeting

(ii) More options were suggested from the ensuing discussion:

o Approve a banner “Vote No on the Marriage Amendment” or “Friends Against the Marriage Amendment”
o Three banners, “Quakers for Marriage Equality,” “Quakers testifying for Equality since 1652,” and “All are Welcome” or “You are Welcome Here”
o Two banners, “Quakers testifying for Equality since 1652,” and “Quakers for Marriage Equality Now”

Many of the morning attenders were no longer present. As in the morning, those present in the afternoon stated clear opposition to the marriage amendment. Support was expressed for a public witness. While the exact wording of possible banners drew continued and animated discussion, it was agreed that waiting another month would reduce the impact of our witness on the marriage amendment.

Friends APPROVED the marriage equality banner (“Quakers for Marriage Equality”) to be hung outside the meetinghouse. Friends deferred discussion of additional banners to a future meeting. It was noted that additional witness would also fit with upcoming discussions of outdoor signage.

5. Correspondence

o Thank you letter from Bright Waters Montessori School for receipt of a 2012 White Envelope Gift
o Thank you letter from OAP apprentice project for receipt of the other 2012 White Envelope Gift
o Letter of greeting, acknowledgment of Connie Archbald, from Duduzile J. Mtshazo
o Letter of greeting, acknowledgment of Annette Smith, from Duduzile J. Mtshazo
o Letter of greeting, acknowledgment of Connie Archbald, from Friends Church of Meringo

6. Announcements

o Open House for Bright Waters, May 18, 4:30 – 7:00 PM at Ann Luce’s house
o Flyer for Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer’s session on the Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project (MN ASAP) and his new book, Authentic Hope, at Twin Cities Friends Meeting, June 7, 7:00 PM.

Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.

ATTACHMENTS (not included here)
Ministry and Counsel report for May 2012
FNVW flyer about MnASAP event
Property Committee Annual Report
Stewardship Committee Annual Report
P&SC notes on Quakers for Marriage Equality banner

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