Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, April 15, 2012

1. Approve March Minutes
March minutes were APPROVED.

2. Monthly Reports
Director of Ministry – Pat Jones reported. +Pat noted the work of Pat Lanners in the yard and gardens. +Friends World Conference is happening in Kenya. Several people from this meeting are there: Steve and Mary Snyder, Connie Archbald and Annette Smith. “Salt and Light” is the theme of the conference. A brochure containing materials preparatory to the conference is available in the library. Friends of many nations wrote the materials. Preparation activities were organized by Connie Archbald and Amy McAdams, who is from Twin Cities Friends Meeting. Lectio Divina meetings were held. Annette made a video of her North Minneapolis neighborhood, and she is showing it at the conference. +Storytelling is coming up Wednesday, April 18, and Thursday at noon Parker Palmer will speak at Westminster. +Also note that the Metro Friends retreat is coming up. A resource person will be brought in; the theme is on spiritual growth. +Don Johnson died March 22. Friends worshiped with him four times during the month prior to his passing. A memorial service will be held Saturday, April 22, here at the meetinghouse. Help preparing would be appreciated. A Friend noted that tomorrow is National Decision Day concerning advanced care planning, such as that done by means of Living Wills.

Nominating Committee – report by Tom Ward. Tom Wells has agreed to be clerk of Ministry and Counsel. Friends APPROVED Tom Wells as clerk of Ministry & Counsel. Some further clarifications and proofreading have been done on the Structure of Service and Ministry, 2012-13 document; please see attached.

Stewardship Committee – report by Suzanne Ferguson. A written budget for 2012-13 was submitted; see attached. John Kraft clarified that we went over budget. Usually we reduce our contributions to prorate the shortage. Friends APPROVED taking the shortage of $801 from the meeting’s checking account. The Annual Report will be presented next month. John Kraft later announced a mistake in accounting that means that we are not yet ready to determine what overage amount needs to be covered. Friends APPROVED withdrawal of approval of paying $801 into the general fund from the meeting’s checking account.

Ministry & Counsel – Tom Wells reported. Pastor Griffith of True Vine will meet with some representatives of M&C and contribute insights on ministering to people in financial. A long term goal of M&C is looking at the total picture of committee work with a view to simplifying. Current members of M&C are Tom Wells, Connie Jacobs, Doris Tyldesley, Joanne Esser, John Stuart, Connie Archbald, Judith James, Steve Snyder, and Barbara Mohr, with Pat Jones and Ranae Hanson attending ex officio.

3. Other Reports
Trustees Annual Report. Written reports of Trustees’ Fund Summary and Trustees’ Policies and Procedures was submitted. See attached. Connie Jacobs and Emily Knight gave an oral report. Pat Jones stated that her understanding is that if memorial funds come in, they can be designated for a particular purpose, or small amounts can go into the Conference and Travel fund of Trustees. A Friend asked about the purpose and policy of the “Seed Fund.” Pat stated that for Quaker Quest and Winds of Change, money from the Seed Fund was used to match contributions. In the case of the design of the meeting’s new web site, Seed Fund money matched a Trustee payment.

Policies of Trustees: a statement of policies is a work in progress, aiming to put in writing policies that have been largely “oral history.” See attached written report. (In the written report, “General fund” means the Trustee Building Fund.) Unused burial plots at Lakewood Cemetery number 81. Under current cemetery policy, same sex couples can be buried next to each other if families agree. Friends APPROVED the proposed policy that the Community Service Fund be used for the benefit of members if they are in need. A Friend expressed awe at the accomplishment of the trustees in writing down trustee policies. Pat noted that she does contact families and ask before memorial gifts are put into the Conference and Travel Fund. Pat stated surprise at hearing that the Conference and Travel Fund was to be supported through general trustee funds. Friends applauded the work of trustees

Liaison and Review Committee. Gayle McJunkin reported; the written report is attached. Pat completed her second sabbatical. L&R Committee expressed gratitude for Pat’s service. A Friend commented on modes of outreach for new attenders including “new media.” Friends expressed appreciation to Pat for her service by applauding.

Peace and Social Concerns —Roland Barrett reported on a war resolution, seeking the meeting’s approval and endorsement. A written resolution was distributed; see attached. Minnesota Alliance of Peace Makers has endorsed it, said a Friend. Decision on the matter was held over until the May meeting.
Friends APPROVED the policy that the meeting directory shall not be allowed to be used by outside groups.

4. Communications and Announcements
None were presented.
Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.

ATTACHMENTS (not included here)
Structure of Service and Ministry, 2012-13
MFM Budget 2012-13
Trustees’ Fund Summary
Trustees’ Policies and Procedures
Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project
Liaison & Review report on DoM

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