Minneapolis Friends Meeting

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

March 11, 2012

  • 1.      Approval of Minutes

December, January and February minutes were APPROVED.

  • 2.      Monthly Reports

Director of Ministry – Pat Jones reported.  Minutes of her report were taken by Carolyn VandenDolder.  +Eleanor Harris will offer a reading during semi-programmed worship today. Usually, there is no planned speaker during second worship on monthly meeting Sundays.  +A memorial service for George Watson was held here yesterday.

+Pat will be on vacation from March 19 to the end of the month. If people have business to conduct with her before the end of the Meeting’s fiscal and service year, make haste.

+Pat would like to acknowledge the service of Friends – both seen and unseen.

~ The Death and Memorial Service Committee members have made a major commitment this year, not only with George’s service but in supporting other memorial services in this past year. Pat is grateful to be surrounded by such dedication and competence.

~ Jeannette Raymond has brought her rich experience, perspective, vision and pro-active leadership to her role. Her service and model have been a gift to Pat and to the Meeting.

~David Woolley has offered steady, insightful leadership on Ministry and Counsel and while Pat was away on sabbatical.

~ The Property Committee continues to do the unsung work of maintaining and attending to our old building, keeping it safe, comfortable and pleasing. It is a big job.

The risk in acknowledging the work of some is that not all can be mentioned. Pat gives thanks to all in the Meeting who offer the ministry of service.

+Pat attended a vespers service at Becketwood this past month. Keitha Herron, an MFM attender, conducted the service and spoke about Quakers. She chose Quaker-ish hymns as her vehicle and, in a brief amount of time, she covered a lot of Quaker ground. It was a unique and effective introduction. Through song, people might have felt a more immediate connection to the Quaker principles covered.  Doug Herron, also an attender, will conduct the next Becketwood vespers. He is planning to talk about water.

+Requests for people to speak with groups about Quakerism frequently come to the meeting office. IF there are those interested in addressing groups or being on panels sometime, it would be helpful to have your name. Talk to Pat.

Ministry & Counsel – David Woolley submitted a written report; please see attached.

  • 3.      Reports

Stewardship Committee – report by John Kraft on the proposed 2012-13 budget.  See attached.  The preliminary budget handed out last time has gone up $50.  We have a budget of $114,624, a little reduced from last year.  Director of Ministry sabbatical funding was discussed.  Friends APPROVED the budget.

A designated fund was proposed to fund Quaker Quest.  The $50 increase in the budget is for this fund.  Money will be sought as well from the “Seed Fund.”  Friends APPROVED the Quaker Quest designated fund.  John was thanked for his service as Treasurer.

Nominating Committee – report by Tom Ward  A written report was submitted, along with a description of the new committee structure.  Please see attached.  Three people have offered to be volunteer facilitator.  The new structure of Peace & Social Concerns was discussed and explained.  Friends APPROVED item no. 1 in the report and the volunteer facilitator position.  Items 3 and 4 were held over for later consideration.  Ranae Hanson has accepted the position of Presiding Clerk and has been taken off all other committees.  Three Friends are designated as volunteer facilitators. Clerks have not yet been found for some committees.  Adolph Burckhardt was removed from the special projects category of Property Committee at his suggestion   Friends APPROVED the Structure of Service and Ministry report  (attached).  A Friend asked what if a committee does not have a clerk to approve expenses that are budgeted.  Clerk suggested Nominating Committee work on this issue.

State of Society Report  Carolyn VandenDolder read the proposed State of Society report.  A written report will be submitted to Northern Yearly Meeting; see attached.  Friends discussed the report.  Friend suggested mention of storytelling events.  With suggested changes and additions, Friends APPROVED the report.

  • 4.      Other items

Peace and Social Concerns Committee  Phil Simard wrote that the committee approved and communicated three priorities to FCNL: 1) protecting the EPA, 2) building the movement to reduce military spending, and 3) economic justice.  A handwritten note was submitted; see attached.

Trustees  Review of Charge – Connie Jacobs.  Item held over to April meeting.

Request for use of Meeting Mailing List  A request was made by a group of Quakers not all of this meeting to use our meeting’s phone list.  This matter was held over.  One Friend spoke against use of the meeting phone list by Friends outside our meeting.  Friends agreed that the meeting phone directory can always be used by members of this meeting, and that members may use it in concert with wider Quaker causes.

  • 5. Communications and Announcements

+Friends accepted and celebrated transfer of Steve Snyder’s membership to this meeting from Menomonie Friends Meeting.  See certificate of transfer from Menomonie Friends Meeting, attached.  Sandy Olson, Adolph Burckhardt and Carolyn VandenDolder volunteered to form a welcome committee for Steve Snyder.

+Mary Gardner requested transfer of her membership to Twin Cities Friends Meeting.

+FGC sent a message thanking us for our contribution.

+A letter of thanks to Shepherd Scholarship Committee and thanks for continuing support was received from Jeanne Stuart.  She is attending Macalester College.

(not included here)

Ministry and Counsel report for March 2012
Stewardship Committee budget report
Nominating Committee report
Structure of Service and Ministry 2012-13
Peace and Social Concerns letter to FCNL
Certificate of Transfer of Membership of Stephen Snyder
Request for transfer of membership by Mary Gardner
Thank you message from FGC
Thank you message from Jeanne Stuart

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