Minneapolis Friends Meeting

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, March 11, 2012



9:00                       Unprogrammed Worship

9:45                      Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

11:00                      Prepare for transition to Semi Programmed Worship

11:15                      Semi Programmed Worship



1)      Approve December, January, and February Minutes


2)      Monthly Report

a)      Director of Ministry – Pat Jones

b)     Ministry & Counsel – David Woolley


3)      Reports

a)      2012-13 Proposed Budget  – John Kraft

b)     Nominating Committee – Tom Ward

c)      State of Society Report


4)      Peace and Social Concerns Committee

a)      Recommendation to FNCL –


5)      Trustees

a)      Review of Charge – Connie Jacobs


6)      Request for use of Meeting Mailing List


7)      Communications and Announcements




Please move post monthly meeting conversations out of the meeting room so that Semi-Programmed worship can start by 11:15.


April Agenda Items:   State of Society Report




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