Meeting for Business Minutes, August 14, 2011

Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, August 14, 2011

Attending:  [Names redacted for online version]

1. Approve July 2011 Minutes
July 2011 minutes were APPROVED.
2. Monthly Report
Ministry and Council report – David Woolley.   On the subject of marriage equality,  Outfront Minnesota has proposed a resolution to disapprove a state constitutional amendment to limit marriage to opposite sex couples.  Friends APPROVED meeting signing the resolution.  A threshing session is planned Tues. Sept. 27 at 7 pm to address the question of what additional steps the meeting might take to support marriage equality.   A traveling ministry letter was requested for Phena Shimaka, Nancy Peterson and David Woolley when they visit a meeting near William Penn College that worships in a manner similar to that of Kenyan Friends.  Friends APPROVED a proposal that clerk will draft and sign the traveling letter.   Friends reported on the conditions of John Campbell and George Watson.
3. Memorial Minute for Cynthia Furnas
A proposed memorial minute, written by Linda Coffin in cooperation with family members, was read by clerk.  One change was suggested to use Cynthia’s maiden name in the first sentence.  APPROVED with that change.  Approved version is attached.
4. Reports
a. Quarterly Stewardship Report—Allen Gibas reported.  A written report was submitted; see attached.  A summary of the stewardship report is in today’s bulletin.
b. Child Welfare Committee
(1) Discussion and Approval of Updated Policies – report by Ranae Hanson.  Friends APPROVED Child Welfare Policies for Nursery Committee and Religious Education Committee.  It was agreed that we do not need to approve forms such as the Child Welfare Incident Report Form and the Sunday [Firstday] School or Nursery Observation Form.  Clerk acknowledged the hard work of this committee.
(2) Annual Report – Ranae Hanson.  A written report was submitted; see attached.  Members of the committee are Ranae Hanson, Zach White, Lolly Lijewski, Barb Mohr, Sigurd Hoppe.

c. Annual Trustees Report – Emily Knight and Connie Jacobs.  Written oral report and trustee fund summary were submitted; see attached.  Friends said “good job”.
d. Adult Program Committee Report – Judith James.  A written report was submitted; see attached.  Friends discussed the questions and concerns expressed at the end of the report.
e. Metro Friends Report – Nancy Helfrich.  Jim Lovestar and Nancy are the two representatives from this meeting on the Metro Friends committee.  The committee’s objective is to connect Twin Cities area Friends to each other and to the wider Quaker community.  A written report is attached.  Clerk thanked Nancy and Jim for serving on this committee.
f. Peace and Social Concerns Report – Phil Simard.  A written report was submitted; see attached.
g. Welcoming Committee/Quaker Quest – Nancy Peterson outlined a Quaker Quest workshop to be held on Nov. 12.  Sandy Olson spoke of a proposal for an October 2, 2011 event for the neighborhood to thank them for the possible inconvenience of having our cars parked in front of their homes.  Members of the committee are Barbara Mohr, Jim Lovestar, Sandy Olson and Nancy Peterson.  The October 2 event will be held on the lawn of the meetinghouse.  Friends discussed their reactions and ideas about the proposal.  Friends APPROVED the plan to go ahead with this event; details will be worked out by the committee.
5. Communications and Announcements
Pat Jones returns from sabbatical September 1.   Clerk read correspondence from Terry Hokenson expressing gratitude for a grant to attend FGC Gathering in Grinnell.   A thank-you card was also received from Ellie Jacobs for a Shepard Scholarship grant.  Friends are reminded that the school calendar starts September 18.
6. September Agenda Items
To be announced.
Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.

ATTACHMENTS (Not included in online version)
Ministry and Counsel Report
Memorial Minute for Cynthia Furnas
Quarterly Stewardship Report
Child Welfare Policies for Nursery Committee and Religious Education Committee
Child Welfare Committee Annual Report
Annual Trustees Report
Adult Program Committee Report
Metro Friends Report
Peace and Social Concerns Report