Meeting for Business Minutes, July 10, 2011

Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, July 10, 2011

Attending:  [Names redacted for online version]

1. Approve June2011 Minutes
June 2011 minutes were APPROVED.
2. Monthly Report
Ministry and Council did not meet.
3. Reports
Social Committee Report – Clifford Goltz reported.  + Read off members of the committee.  A written report was submitted.  Please see attached.   “We are a fun group.”
Peace and Social Concerns – Report postponed.
4. Winds of Change
Update on moving forward – report by Annette Smith on behalf of the group which has been organizing actions since the Winds of Change events.  This “Seed” group proposed that Meeting engage August 25 in a Minneapolis Friends Meeting corporate action to do door knocking in North Minneapolis to disseminate information about foreclosure prevention.  This opportunity would include worship and a group discussion of the experience.
Questions and comments were offered by Friends to clarify the proposal.  The purpose is to have a joint experience on August 25, door knocking, then to gather over a community meal to process the experience.  The door knocking would be done in cooperation with Jewish Community Action under the auspices of the Northside Reinvestment Coalition.  Friends who opted not to door knock but to participate in support activities might, for example, call other members of Meeting to encourage them to participate, hold the event in prayer, prepare food for the meal, etc.  Annette stated that options for Friends who choose to engage in support needed to be developed.  The goal is to have at least 30 people at the event.  Monthly meeting is being asked to affirm this as a collective experience of the Meeting.
Friends discussed the import of the commitment of the monthly meeting as distinct from decisions of individual members of meeting.  A Friend offered the analogy of approval of the budget, a collective action which implies a commitment of the meeting to raise the money for the budget but does not commit individuals to give a specific amount.  A Friend stated she was uneasy with the “either/or” quality of the proposal.
Clerk asked Monthly meeting to affirm the participation of Meeting members in this group experience and asked that a report of the event be given at the September or October Monthly Meeting.  Sense of the meeting was that Friends affirm this event and agreed to conduct further discussion of individual and corporate action.
5. Nominating Committee Update
Report and approval of new committee appointments – Tom Ward.  Ranae Hanson is proposed to be on Nominating Committee until April 2014: APPROVED.  Some committees still need additional members, including social committee.
6. Decision on Monthly Meeting Schedule and Process
Discussion: Is the process of discernment being cut short under the new schedule?  Attendance has been about the same, in proportion to total membership, as it was before the new schedule.  A Friend observed that people still walk in not expecting meeting for business, and asked if we could provide better notice to people.  Another Friend spoke in favor of a personal greeter.  Friend spoke in favor of continuing the trial of the new schedule.
Clerk stated that the sense of the meeting seems to be that we should continue with the new schedule but work to have a smoother transition from monthly meeting to semi-programmed meeting.  Also the clerk will consider when agendas may need to continue after semi-programmed meeting and announce that so those present can be prepared to stay longer.
7. Communications and Announcements
Thank you letters for contributions made by Meeting were received from FNVW, AFSC,  Earlham School of Religion, Quaker Earthcare Witness, FCNL, Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project, Center on Conscience & War, National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund.
Letter received from Heartland Friends Meeting in Wichita, Kansas, made an appeal for support of potential attenders of the Kenya meeting of World Conference of Friends.
Clerk reported receiving a phone call from Phena Shimake  about starting a group that would worship in the manner of Kenyan Friends.  Friends were asked to consider their request and hold them in the Light.
Several Friends who attended the FGC Gathering in Grinnell, Iowa, reported.
8. August Agenda
The agenda for August Meeting is expected to include reports from Stewardship Committee, Adult Program Committee, Metro Friends, Trustees, Child Welfare Committee, including decisions on the child welfare policy, a memorial minute, and procedure updates.
Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.

ATTACHMENTS (Not included in online version)
Social Committee Report
Thank you letters
Letter from Heartland Friends Meeting