Meeting for Business Minutes, January 9, 2011


Minneapolis Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, January 9, 2011

Attending:  [Names redacted for online version]

1. Approve November Minutes
November minutes were APPROVED.
2. December Monthly Meeting
December meeting for business was canceled due to a blizzard.
3. Monthly Reports
Director of Ministry – Pat Jones reported.  +Pat described what happened when meeting for business was canceled on Dec. 12.  She said that roads around the meetinghouse were impassable for cars.  She was able to get to the meetinghouse by walking in the street.  Three people attended unprogrammed meeting.  It was wonderful.  At semi-programmed meeting, two people held meeting for worship.  This was the smallest attendance Pat has seen in 32 years.  So far as Pat knows, worship at Minneapolis Friends Meeting has never been canceled. +Pat next reported on recent problems with the lift.  A Friend asked whether those dependent on the lift had been notified that it was out of order.  +Next Sunday at 10:15 am there will be worship sharing on the topic, Am I A Quaker?, and the next week on, Am I A Good Enough Quaker?  +A woman of 88 recently identified herself in meeting, and shortly afterward died unexpectedly.  Her name was Mary Elizabeth “Witt” Ylitalo.  Her memorial service will be held here at 3 pm next Saturday, Jan. 15.  Meeting members are invited.  +Margery Post Abbott is a Friend who will be visiting here, and who stayed with Doris and Roger Tyldesley.  She is a released Friend who was enabled by Multnomah Monthly Meeting in Portland, OR to travel and write in the ministry.  Her visit was initiated by Liz Oppenheimer.  Pat highly recommends that Friends attend her presentation.  Friends from other meetings will be coming.  Margery is one of four Friends who wrote the Quaker dictionary,  A to Z  of the Friends.  She is also author of Pendle Hill pamphlet #323, An Experiment in Faith—Quaker Women Transcending Differences and other publications.  Pat stated that it’s almost unheard of at Minneapolis Friends Meeting that there is a charge to attenders to hear a Friend speak, but that donations will be invited.   +Nancy Peterson sent information to FGC and NYM about what our meeting has been doing with Winds of Change.  +Pat has just returned from a one month sabbatical.  She stated, “I like everybody better.”  +Hal Davis, a close friend of Allen and former attender at MFM, died. Allen and Pat traveled to Taos, NM to hold a memorial service.  They appreciated spending time together without work responsibilities.  +Pat also spent time with her parents.  She said that she had read a Phillip Gulley book and found it funny.  Also on her sabbatical she visited Princeton Theological Seminary bookstore, saw that a new translation of the Bible is in process, and that the project involves a Quaker.  She also visited Moorestown Friends Meeting in New Jersey.  Clerk stated that Pat will begin the last portion of her sabbatical, a four-month period, beginning in April.
Ministry & Counsel – David Woolley reported.  A written report was submitted.  Please see attached.  A written report was also submitted for the canceled December meeting, and is attached.  An item for decision intended for the December meeting for business, the renaming of the Marriage Oversight Committee to Marriage Preparation Committee, was APPROVED.  A Friend asks herself whether she is speaking too much in meeting for worship and wonders how a Friend can get feedback about this or express concern around occasions of vocal ministry?  Clerk noted that this is an area of continuing concern.  She asked the clerk of M&C to consider the matter.  Adult Programming Committee presented two programs in 2010 on this subject.  A clearness process was suggested for those who wonder whether their vocal ministry is appropriate.  A Friend pointed out differences in the practice of unprogrammed and semi-programmed meetings as to vocal ministry.
4. December Items
White Envelope Gift committee members Tom White, Ellie Jacobs, and Mary Sarto met to discern where White Envelope Gift contributions should go.  Ellie Jacobs gave the report.  The committee recommended the Aliveness Project (which helps families of people with AIDS), and Veterans in the Arts.  Friends APPROVED.  A Friend requested pamphlets with information about these two organizations.
5. January Reports
Firstday School Update—report by Jane Furnas.  We currently have three classes:  nursery and pre-school, middler, and junior and senior high group.  Focus areas in all classes are the Bible, Quaker history, and values of Quakerism.  We have benefited from people providing guidance on curriculum.  The teacher pool has been shrinking.  The committee is looking for people to contribute on small or large scales.  It is good for children to be exposed to more adults of the meeting.  Friends are invited to consider whether they are called to contribute as teachers or as visitors/resource people.
Stewardship Committee—report by John Kraft.  This report was a brief one concerning  meeting income.  We are behind goal.  We need $33,477 in the next three months.  A more extended report will be given in February.  Jim Haefemeyer stated that the meeting faces expenses of potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next year for roof replacement, furnace replacement, and lift repair or replacement.
6. Seasoning Items
Child Welfare Policy Update —report by Ranae Hanson.  A written report was submitted.  Please see attached.  Sample forms were distributed that are designed for reporting an incident concerning risk to the welfare of a child in the meeting.   The form is titled, “Child Welfare Incident Report Form.”
Family and Medical Leave Policy—a proposed policy was read.  It will be considered for approval next month.  A draft for discussion was submitted.  Please see attached.
7. Communications and Announcements
None were presented.

Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a brief period of silent worship.

ATTACHMENTS (Not included in online version)
Ministry and Counsel reports for December and January
Child Welfare Policy report
Family and Medical Leave policy discussion draft