Meeting for Worship With Attention to Business
Minneapolis Friends Meeting
October 10, 2010

Attendance:  [Names redacted for online version]

September minutes:  Add that gratitude was expressed for the work of social committee.  September minutes APPROVED with this correction and several minor corrections submitted in writing.


Nominating Committee:  Mary Tilden was nominated to Social Committee—APPROVED.

Stewardship Committee:  John Kraft reported and gave a brief update on income.  Second quarter income was lower than goal.  Meeting reached 16% of annual income in this quarter, rather than the 20% hoped for.  We have reached 38% of our projected income at the halfway point in the year.  This is below where we would like to be.  Goal for first two quarters is 40%.  Thus we are two percent low, not too bad, but not good as a trend.  Clerk suggested an announcement be put in the bulletin advising of this.  Someone suggested also noting in the bulletin the availability of automatic withdrawal for contributions.

Nursery Committee:  This report was moved to the November agenda


Auditors Report:  Harv Busta reported on his audit of the General Fund.  He described the process of the audit.  A written report was submitted; see attached.

Director of Ministry Monthly Report by Pat Jones:  Ruth Van Hilst died Sept 1, 2010, at the age of 92.  She was a member of this meeting and was living in Florida.  Pat showed portrait photos of meeting members and attenders taken by Sue Kearns at the craft sale last year and since then.    The meeting considered whether to include photos in the new directory.  Friends expressed preference for an updated directory without photos.  Use of a wider margin on the binding side was suggested.  The office copier needs replacing very soon.  Carolyn would appreciate advice regarding a new machine.  Margaret Fraser visited.  Pat talked about Margaret’s revelations about the activities of Quakers around the world.  Terry Kayser made a videotape of her Saturday evening visit.  It will be available to Friends.  Margaret distributed brilliant hand-outs outlining the history of the international spreading of Quakerism from the beginning through the present day.  Meeting Web site:  When Margaret Fraser was here, a small group of Friends talked with her about a Web site.  She later sent us Web addresses of two that she thinks are particularly good.  Pat made a request to trustees for money to hire a developer and a designer for an improved Web site.  Pat stated she was leaving today to be out of the country until Oct. 27.   Information is posted and dispersed widely about what to do in emergencies or other events that require a meeting response.  There is still a need for people to close the building after events while Pat is gone.

Ministry and Counsel Monthly Report by David Woolley:  A written report was submitted; see attached.  A handbook for meeting was begun several years ago but work was discontinued.  This task is being taken up again.  It will be aimed at new attenders especially.  Restructuring M&C:  Consideration is being given to splitting Ministry and Counsel into two committees: 1) Worship and Ministry, and 2) Pastoral Care committee.  Existing subcommittees may be absorbed into one or the other of these proposed committees.

Trustees Annual Report given by Emily Knight:  Copy of report distributed; see attached.  Emily explained the amounts and purposes of trustee funds.  It was suggested that “Conference Fund” be renamed as “Travel Fund,” and “Community Fund” be called “Ministry and Service Fund.”   A  Friend requested trustees investigate socially responsible investment options and report to meeting for the benefit of individuals.  Another Friend added that the issue of risk management might be considered in looking at socially responsible investment options.  It has been recent practice to put memorial funds into the Ministry and Service fund but a decision has not been made.  This will be considered for a decision in the future.  Rent paid by Mayim Rabim goes into income.  Clerk suggested that income sources be broken out in reports.  Mayim Rabim pays $350 per month.

Child Welfare Committee Annual Report by Ranae Hanson.  Written report submitted; see attached.  The role of a child advocate is to be a person to whom members go to report concerns about safety or health of a child.  Clerk expressed appreciation for work of the Child Welfare Committee.  Ranae stated that the committee is not able to complete its work at each of their monthly meetings.

Communications and Announcements:  No communications were received.

Loaves and Fishes is a joint activity with Twin Cities Friends Meeting.  It is primarily coordinated by TCFM.  TCFM has given serious consideration to laying it down.

Announcements:  Members are encouraged to register for Fall Camp.  Screening of a film, “Mirrors of Privilege,” was announced.  It is part of the Winds of Change program coming up.

ATTACHMENTS: (Not included in online version)
Auditor’s Report
Ministry and Counsel Report
Trustees Annual Report
Child Welfare Committee Annual Report

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