Meeting for Business Minutes, August 8, 2010

Minneapolis Friends Meeting
August 8, 2010
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Attending:  Jeannette Raymond (clerk), Terry Hokenson (recording clerk) [Further names redacted for online version]

Corrections to July minutes:  July minutes were reviewed and APPROVED with the understanding that information is to be added where indicated in the draft that was circulated today.


Director of Ministry:  Pat Jones gave the monthly report.  1) Paul Furnas went into Methodist Hospital on Friday.  He is very weak.  We are asked to hold Paul and family in the light.  Cards are appropriate.  (At the conclusion of Pat’s report, a brief period of  worship was held to hold  the Furnas family in the light.)  2)  Pat reflected on the change in People Camp participation over the years.  Meeting participation has become minimal, whereas it used to be significant.  3) John Kraft, Rachel Madden and Maddie Kraft appear to be the only persons from this meeting who attended the Friends General Conference Gathering, which was held in Bowling Green, Ohio on the campus of Bowling Green University.  4)  Metro Friends had a picnic on Thursday, July 22 at Wabun Park near Minnehaha Falls.  Six or seven people from this meeting attended.  Nancy Helfrich and Jim Lovestar are our representatives to Metro Friends.   5)  An open house for Bill Dolan and Tania Lamond, newly married and living in Australia, will be held today at the home of Barbara Mohr.  6) Many families with children do not attend meeting for worship in summer because child care is not provided.  Friends are encouraged to contact these families to help maintain their connection with the meeting over the summer.  7) Several meeting members attended Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative).  8) Friends United Meeting (FUM)  will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary.

George Watson spoke of his irregular heartbeat, and his brief stay in the hospital, where he underwent a cardioversion procedure.  The problem not yet fully resolved, but he feels better.

Stewardship Committee:  John Kraft gave the first quarter report.  Written report attached.  Meeting is currently on track for achieving its income goals.  More people are using automatic account deductions (automatic bill pay).

Ministry & Counsel:  David Woolley gave the annual report.  Written report attached.  A monthly report will not be given today.  Four subcommittees are also reporting.  M&C has two areas of concern: to oversee meeting as a whole and the care of individuals.  Written report attached.  Concerning the adult program conflict, M&C is setting up a process to address it.  Subcommittee reports: 1) Nancy Helfrich reported for Death and Memorial Committee.  Written report attached.  2) Nancy Peterson reported for Welcoming Committee.  Written report attached.   3) Adolph Burckhardt reported for Marriage Oversight Committee.  Written report attached.   4) Worship Planning report not available today.

Adult Program Hour Committee:  Heidi Flores gave an updated report.  Written report attached.  Judith James stated that the committee needs clarification and support from meeting on how the committee should proceed with planning adult program hour.

Winds of Change:  Report by clerk of monthly meeting.  Some commitments for planning have been made.  Clerk will follow up to secure commitments from others so that all the phases will be planned.  Money has yet to be raised.  Things are going forward and are on firm ground.  The focus is on racial healing.  Clerk requested approval of a designated account for this project.  APPROVED.  How much money needs to be raised?  $500 for first workshop.  Tentative date is October 9, 2010.

Loaves and Fishes:  Report by Ann Luce.  A proposal has been made that Loaves and Fishes be discontinued.  Twin Cities Friends Meeting is expected to withdraw.  There will be a discussion but the program is expected to be discontinued by the end of this calendar year.

Correspondence:  A thank you note (attached) was received from Friends School of Minnesota for this meeting’s contribution.

Announcements:  Heidi Flores announced that a meeting on the topic “Beyond Sustainability: Permaculture” was held here at the meetinghouse last Sunday.  Another meeting will be held in November after potluck.  Allen Gibas stated the meeting was eye opening and stimulating.  Nancy Helfrich agreed, said it caused her to look at her life in a new way.  Pat Jones stated that training is being offered by Pendle Hill in permaculture design.

The clerk noted that in October the new schedule will be started for meeting for business.

Attachments:  (Not included in online version)
First Quarter Report of Stewardship Committee
Annual Report of Ministry & Counsel
Death and Memorial Subcommittee annual report
Ad Hoc Welcoming Committee annual report
Marriage Oversight Committee annual report
Updated Adult Program Hour Committee annual report
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