Minneapolis Friends Meeting
July 11, 2010
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Attending: [Names redacted for online version]

Corrections to June minutes:  The initials AHG stand for Allen Gibas.  Regarding the Nominating Committee report, Sue Murray was designated as nursery clerk.  June minutes APPROVED.

Director of Ministry:  Pat Jones gave the report.  She asked that the minutes record the marriage of Bill Hendricks and Michael Reed on June 25, 2010 at Pelham Park in Decorah, Iowa.    Planning is being done for the visit of Margaret Frazer, forum hour, first day school.  Committees without clerks at this time are Adult Program, Youth Committee, Marriage Oversight.  Heidi Flores stated that Adult Program will soon have a clerk.  Note upcoming memorial service for Anne Sippel.

Ministry & Counsel: Tom Wells gave the report, and recited members of the committee: Ann Melrose, Barbara Ziegenhagen, Dave Bostrom, Doris Tyldesley, Jim Lovestar, Connie Jacobs, Sharon Lane-Getaz, Tom Wells, David Woolley, Jeannette Raymond, and Pat Jones.  Chris Engh is planning to travel to Cuba with Pastors for Peace.  A storytelling event is planned. Pat Jones stated that formal action is needed on Marriage Oversight Committee, Nominating Committee, Nursery Committee, Youth Committee, and Adult Program Committee.

Property Committee: Last year’s committee clerk Terry Hokenson read the annual report.  It is attached.  Current committee clerk Jim Haefemeyer reported that the exterior lighting system at the south entrance needs to be replaced.  Painting needs: some we can do ourselves; it would be best to contract other painting, such as the high up work.  Trustees Building Fund should cover some of the work.  The process for arranging use of this fund would be for Property Committee to communicate with Allen Gibas.  Clerk (JR) stated that a report on this work should go to trustees.  Jim said that the concern in ventilating the attic over the hallway was to avoid damage from wetness.  Clerk thanked the committee for their work.  As to replacing the carpet, Jim stated that there remains a question of what to replace carpeting with if not new carpeting.

Nursery Committee: Sue Murray read the annual report.  Written report attached.  A concern is growing about the future of nursery services due to declining attendance and aging population of children.

Adult Program Committee:  Heidi Flores read the annual report for Judith James.  See attached written report.  Regarding the conflict around adult forum hour and Peace & Social Concerns Committee, note the threshing session held January 27, 2010.  It was part of an effort to address the general question of Quaker adult education.  This addition to the report is APPROVED.  One member asked what happens if one committee is led in one direction and another committee is led in another direction.  There is still not clarity about future direction on the subject of adult program and role of Peace & Social Concerns.  Another idea from the threshing session was to have ongoing groups.  A member asked where do committees bring conflicts that arise between them.  A committee member said it was never their intention to make a permanent change to not have P&SC programming.  Clerk (JR) stated that restoring relationships is the aim now.  Does Adult Program Committee want time at next monthly meeting for worship sharing or such?  They are asked to discuss and let clerk know.  A member commented that we have many needs and story telling is one way to address them.  This report (Adult Program) is to be amended and read again at next monthly meeting.

Shepherd Scholarship Fund:  Allen Gibas read the annual report.  Rolland and Zephyra Shepherd valued young people and education, and donated shares of stock to monthly meeting around 1976.  The fund is available to members of five years or more.  All the money is invested with UBS in CDs, which is FDIC-insured.  The balance is $196,030 as of June 2009.  There is a trust that operates the fund.  A written report was submitted and is attached.

Trustees Report:  Allen Gibas gave an annual report for the year ending March 31, 2009.  A written report is attached.  Sabbatical fund, travel fund and Mission-Service are not broken down in this report.  Meeting received a large donation for its history project.  Payments were made to Linda Coffin for her work on the history project.  Allen requested contributions on the subject of investment and interest issues, socially responsible investing, etc.

Visit of Anthony Manousos:  He spoke two weeks ago on Saturday night and at semi-programmed meeting.  He was the only Quaker from the U.S. at the World Parliament of Religions in Australia recently.  Members gave oral reports about his visit here.  Mayim Rabim member Barbara ____ and her partner attended Anthony’s presentation on Saturday, June 26.

Communications/Announcements:  Metro Friends Picnic will be held at Wabun Park on July 22.  Storytelling at MFM – “To Know and To Be Known” – will be held July 28.  We received a thank you letter from Chuck Fager of Quaker House, and a thank you note from Isaac Kaufman, outgoing president of Mayim Rabim, thanking us for help and support of their congregation.

Worship Sharing—Attenders expressed gratitude for the existence/presence of the meeting and Clerk added gratitude for inclusion of members with developmental disabilities.  This is something very unusual that we do.

Attachments:  (Not included in online version)
Annual report of Property Committee
Annual report of Nursery Committee
Annual report of  Adult Program Hour Committee
Annual report of Shepherd Scholarship Fund Committee
Annual report of the Trustees
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