Minneapolis Friends Meeting
June 13, 2010
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Attending:  [Names redacted for online version]

Clerk distributed copies of May meeting minutes.  They were reviewed by those attending.  Minutes of May 2010 meeting with attention to business APPROVED.

Nominating Committee report was APPROVED, with addition of Sue Murray as clerk of nursery committee.

Ministry & Counsel report was read by David Woolley.  A written report was submitted (attached).  M&C expressed concern about use of illegal drugs by meeting teens.  Concern was expressed that adult use be discussed as well, and legal as well as illegal drugs.  This is not something that just happens to other people’s kids.  A teen said they were more likely to listen to facts about effects of certain practices rather than admonitions not to do it.  M&C will continue to attend to this issue.  Chester McCoy, Connie Jacobs, and Sadie Jacobs volunteered to serve on an ad hoc committee.  Communication within the meeting when an emergency arises was discussed.  News of Allen Gibas’s medical emergency filtered out rather haphazardly.  M&C is considering ways of communicating in such circumstances.

Ad Hoc Group on $14,000–Tom Ward, convenor, reported for the ad hoc group on the $14,000 gift to be used as “seed” money.  A written report was submitted (attached).  Members of the ad hoc group were Ranae Hanson, Andrew Bostrom, Hannah Powers, Joseph Flores, and Tom Ward.  Clerk invited questions.  Instead of “mission” of the meeting, use phrase “enhance the spiritual life …” in third bullet under #1 in written report.  George Watson recalled an approach by 57th Street Meeting in Chicago that was very similar to this proposal.  Clerk proposed breaking the decision into parts.  Part 1—APPROVED.  Also in Part 1—requests to come from groups—APPROVED.  Part 2—administered by Trustees—what kind of account?  Trustees could decide.  “Designated fund” delete.  APPROVED.  Part 3—There would be an application form, money not released until matching funds raised.  Annual report by Trustees.  Do requests need to come back to meeting?  Comment: like checks and balances.  Good to come to monthly meeting after Trustees approve.  Add to this part:  copy of proposal should be given to Clerk of Meeting.  Requests should go to the trustees with a copy to the clerk.  Applications would be approved by monthly meeting.  APPROVED.  Tom Ward agreed to draft a form for applications.

Property Committee report to be read in July.

Membership Report—read by Clerk, written by Carolyn Sherer-VandenDolder.  Written report submitted (attached).  Thanks to Carolyn.

Northern Yearly Meeting reports—Clerk invited comments from the floor by those who attended.  Nancy Peterson gave a report.  Heidi Flores and Annette Smith gave presentations.  Judith James and Nancy Peterson did a presentation on White Women Getting Real.  Rochester tried semi-programmed meeting, but met with opposition.  They saw an article in Friends Journal on the subject.   Chester reported on his work with 7th and 8th graders.  They composed a Quaker Rap.  Sixty children between 6th and 12th grade attended.  Overall about 300 people attended.  Carolyn Sherer-VandenDolder said that she enjoyed hearing the State of Society reports.  There was a discussion of NYM’s relationship to El Salvador Yearly Meeting.

Visit of Anthony Manousos June 26—Need someone to open and close meetinghouse, and need hospitality for him.  George Watson commented that Anthony has been the longtime editor of Western Friend (formerly Friends Bulletin).  Western Friend is a publication of Pacific, North Pacific and Intermountain Yearly Meetings.  Anthony will be on his way to FGC Gathering.  Rhoda Gilman is willing to do the publicity.  Mary Gochnauer volunteered to open and close the meetinghouse.  Mary Gochnauer could provide him transportation.

Cuba Committee—Comments were made about fund raising. A place is needed to put the money.  Friends APPROVED the fundraising effort.  Clerk met with Cuba Committee and asked them to think about a timeline, and a concrete budget for income and expenses.  Decision to come to monthly meeting in August or September.  Leadership issues were raised.

George Watson Memoir–George announced that copies of his memoir are available for sale.

Three letters of thanks were received from Right Sharing of World Resources, Division of Indian Work for food shelf, Iraq-American Reconciliation Project.  Thanks was received from Jeanne Stuart for a Shepard Scholarship award.

Meeting closed with brief silent worship.

ATTACHMENTS (Not included in online version)
Ministry & Counsel Report
Ad Hoc Group Recommendation on $14,000 Donation
Membership Report
Correspondence (3)

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