Minneapolis Friends Meeting
May 9, 2010
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Attending:  [Names redacted for online version]

Minutes—Corrections to minutes of April 2010 meeting were made.  Minutes approved.

Monthly M&C report—David Woolley (written report submitted)

State of Society Report—read by Betsy Lane-Getaz. Comments were made from the floor.  Betsy will incorporate these comments.  Various members and attenders will contribute further information. Clerk asked for approval of draft with changes/ additions mentioned—APPROVED.

Nominating Committee—report read by Zack White.  Further additions to committees were announced.  Nominations were APPROVED.  [An upated Nominating Committee “Structure of Service and Ministry” report will be attached to these minutes.]

Annual Stewardship report—read by John Kraft.  Written report attached.  Committee recommends that three underfunded items be fully funded: 1)  $3,000 mission and service and fellowship, 2) building fund,  and 3) Sabbatical fund.  This recommendation was APPROVED.

Seed Money—This matter concerns a gift of $14,000 given last year.  The gift was designated to be “seed money.”  An ad hoc committee was formed, comprised of Tom Ward (convenor), Ranae Hanson, Andrew Bostrom, Hannah Powers, and Joseph Flores.  The committee will meet and report on its findings as to what seed money is.  Discussion ensued as to what “seed money” is.  Comments included:  1) it means money to be used for new initiatives, instead of paying for ongoing undertakings; 2) making something grow—perhaps outreach to community; 3) seed refers to Christ; 4) seed refers to spiritual development; 5) it implies investment in something that will be ongoing, not just a purchase; 6) something to be used in our meeting, not passed on; 7) Shepard Scholarship Fund is an example, scholarship help to members of meeting; 8) it means to start something, an amount not sufficient to carry it on but to start it; 9) consider seeds that are cast but may not develop—suggesting not too high a standard; 10) it means money to buy seeds; 11) give grants to groups/committees that would apply for them.

Peace and Social Concerns—report by Mary Gochnauer.  Committee is still struggling with what their mission is, wants to find what meeting wants of them.  They are thinking of how to proceed.  We need to be in dialog.  Meeting members are invited to talk to committee members.  Mary gave her phone number: 952-925-0985.  Process by which the committee wants to get information needs further clarification.

Marriage request—Betsy Souther read a report concerning the marriage of  Joanne Esser and Mike Hay.  A clearness committee met with them.  The committee expressed deep joy.  Members of the committee were Sigurd Hoppe, Ed Souther, Betsy Souther (convener), and Judy Wanschura.  Written report attached.  Proposal to take their marriage under the care of the meeting was APPROVED.

Correspondence—read by Clerk.  Thanks for donations were received from Earlham School of Religion, Friends School of Minnesota, FNVW, FWCC, Quaker Earthcare Witness, FCNL, Right Sharing of World Resources, Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches, FGC, AFSC, Metro Friends.  Quaker Earthcare Witness has a new Web site at www.quakerearthcare.org.  Clerk noted that Metro Friends has created a calendar of local Quaker events.

Friends closed meeting for worship with attention to business with a further period of silent worship.

ATTACHMENTS (Not included in online version)
Monthly Ministry & Counsel Report
State of Society Report
Nominating Committee Report
Annual Stewardship Report
Clearness Committee Report Re: Marriage of Joanne Esser and Mike Hay

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